That’s what friends are for

Today was going really good, Sophia took a good nap this morning, J and I got all our work done for this week in Astonomy, we were getting ready to go get some lunch and then I got the call. This is the call that every parent dreads, the one from the principal. Nicholas got in trouble today for hitting, not with his hand but a big-ass wooden block. She said that they were cleaning up at centers and he didn’t like the way that this other child was cleaning, apparently he was putting the blocks in the wrong place so…WHAM!!!! Now, this is not typical behavior for my child so I was a little shocked, I was really shocked though when I picked him up from school and found out that it was his best friend that he hit. The funny thing is that his friend was really upset that Nicholas had to go to the principal’s office, what a good friend.


While my guitar gently weeps

Its a sad day, I knew it would come eventually, especially now that school is back on for me. I’ve finally missed a blog, I should have blogged yesterday but I forgot. I woke up at 12:05am and was like, “Oh shit!” but it was too late already. I couldn’t fix it, I couldn’t make things right. I’ll blog twice today in an attempt to make up for it but I know that I can’t go back (okay, technically I can back date it but that would be lying, which I have nothing against but I’m going to try for honesty).
I just got back from the vet with Susie and it was so funny, not for the vet mind you, she acts like a vicious killer and really she’s just a big, soft, fluffy bunny. She growled at the vet as soon as he walked in the door and then she warmed up to him a little but once she realized he was going to give her shots she quickly changed her mind about him. They wouldn’t let me restrain her which I think it soooo stupid, I mean I know why they won’t let you but its just stupid with Susie. She won’t bite me, I know this and besides she was being so unruly because she wanted to be near me. So they asked to take her in the back and see if she was better when I wasn’t around but when he came back after much banging around, he said nope, she wasn’t any better. She did get her shots but no examination due to her behavior. I like this new vet I’m seeing though because he understood her bahvior after I explained to him about her surgeries when she was a puppy. I went to a vet in Houston once that yelled at me that I had the worst dog he’d ever seen, I told him that he was the worst vet I’d ever been to and I would never come back and tell everyone I knew about how horrible he was. He was a complete ass, so yeah I like my new vet, he’s not very personable or anything but he doesn’t insult me, especially since Susie is one of the most well-behaved dogs when she isn’t at the vet.

Sheisty Tuesdays

Tonight Luis, the kids and I went to eat at Outback. Normally, I love Outback, we go there about once a month and the service is always excellent. Tonight was the exception, the service was horrible, the food was not bad but not as it should be and for once in my life, I complained to the manager. I never complain at restaurants, this is probably because my mom was one of those people that complained about everything and I always get so embarrassed when I’m with people that complain. So tonight when we were done I sent Luis and the kids to the car and then very kindly asked to speak to the manager. She was very nice, tiny, adorable, cute as a button. I told her that if this had been my first time here I would never come back, that is how bad our waitress was (I am very forgiving too, I used to be a waitress). Our cheese fries were supposed to have bacon bits on them (I know, real healthy) and instead they had two plops, one was bacon bits the other was greasy crumbs from the griddle, it was disgusting. We waited for water, when none was brought we asked for water and then we still didn’t get water. People that got there 20 minutes after us and ordered well-done steaks got their food before us, I was pissed. Everything took so long that we ended up being there almost 2 hours, ridiculous! Our waitress never apologized but the manager did and she gave us a $25 gift certificate and a free bloomin’ onion coupon (which I don’t eat but I will try one). So apparently it pays to complain, which rocks!


Well, I didn’t sleep again last night and I tried to make up for it with a nap today but I couldn’t sleep then either. It’s 10:18 pm and guess what? I can’t sleep, again! I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me, sleeping has never been a problem for me. At least not for days at a time, maybe one day but that is it. What is most annoying about it is that my Astronomy class started today and I’m too freaking tired to read or concentrate. I have to do well in this class because this is my last semester of having financial aid, I have to rely on scholarships from here on out. If I don’t sleep tonight then I’m going to get some Tylenol PM tomorrow, that should help, either that or that bottle of booze downstairs. So, tomorrow if I have a lot of typos you know that I didn’t sleep well and I’m drunk!

I need a drink

Today hasn’t been a good day, it hasn’t been horrible but just not very good. I couldn’t sleep last night, I was restless even though I was so tired. Most of the night I was awake, lying there, thinking. I hate thinking when I’m tired. I mostly hate thinking when I’m tired because I’m stupid when I’m tired. So much in my life is uncertain right now and so its like me playing worst case scenario. I worry so much about things that I have no control over, I hate that about myself but at the same time who wouldn’t worry about where they are going to live? I mean, I know wherever we go it will be fine but I just want to know where that place is. I’m so tired of not knowing what is going to happen to us. I really hope he gets orders this week, even if it isn’t where I want to go, I just need to know.

Guest Blogger

Hey you guys, it’s J. I am blogging for Allie tonight since she is driving home right now, and when she gets there it will (technically) be tomorrow.

Boopie Doopie Shmoopie Poopie.

Haha I can say funny things on here and she doesn’t even know it yet.

Allie smells like Sweet Tarts.

(for some reason I typed Tater Tots. Don’t know why. Must be lack of sleep.)

Night, all.

Cake Day!

Last night I decided to make a cake today for the kids and while I was racking my brain to figure out how I should decorate it I realized that Nicholas is learning about dinosaurs this week and the letter Dd. So I thought a dinosaur cake would be fitting. His favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus so I started there. I looked up stegosaurus clip art online and found a simple outline of the dinosaur. I printed it out and used piping gel to transfer the image to the cake. After that I just used various tips to fill it in and tip 67 to make leaves for the bushes and tree.
I really wish I could share this with his entire class but cake isn’t a nutritious food so it’s not allowed, isn’t that crap. Oh well, I guess tonight the kids, J and I will have to eat it. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.
The sides are kind of boring but I figured there was enough icing on it already.