Sophia’s Birthday "Party"

Today we celebrated Sophia’s birthday, she just turned 2 and is completely obsessed with horses right now so we invited J, D, and Princess over and we took the kids to BLORA to ride the pony. It was pretty fun and the kids loved it, so here are some of the pics from today.

The pony was really old but she was super sweet and kept trying to make us walk her over to the gate. By the time our hour was up I think she was pretty tired. After we left the ranch at BLORA we headed back to our house to have dinner and cake and ice cream. Now, I took a cake decorating class back in September so I could make really nice cakes for my kids’ birthdays but this morning when I was icing the cake I totally messed up because my icing was too stiff. J thought I had made a cookies and cream cake because that was how bad you could see the crumbs from the cake through the icing. My solution: go to Walmart and buy the ready-made Wilton decorator icing and ice over my mistake. The cool thing is, I think it worked pretty good. So here is a picture of the cake, with and without Sophia.

The cake tasted great and I guess that is what matters most and provided enough sugar that J and I acted like we were drunken idiots and had a blast doing it. Surprisingly enough the kids were fine with all the sugar. So, all in all I’d have to say that it was a pretty awesome birthday party for Fifi.


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  1. My Aidan (6 next week) has been obsessed with horses since she was 18mths old. She has been in horseback riding lessons for a year now and I am amazed a what a tiny person can get a beast of that size to do. We have too many horse things to count. Her room is full of Butterscotch and Lucky the spring horse, not one of my best ideas to buy these two things.

    Too cute!

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