Cake Day!

Last night I decided to make a cake today for the kids and while I was racking my brain to figure out how I should decorate it I realized that Nicholas is learning about dinosaurs this week and the letter Dd. So I thought a dinosaur cake would be fitting. His favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus so I started there. I looked up stegosaurus clip art online and found a simple outline of the dinosaur. I printed it out and used piping gel to transfer the image to the cake. After that I just used various tips to fill it in and tip 67 to make leaves for the bushes and tree.
I really wish I could share this with his entire class but cake isn’t a nutritious food so it’s not allowed, isn’t that crap. Oh well, I guess tonight the kids, J and I will have to eat it. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.
The sides are kind of boring but I figured there was enough icing on it already.



  1. Love the cake! That is some talent there.

    Also… I just read, like, half of your blog. You make me laugh. And? My dog (a boxer mind you) jump up on my bed, and PEED all over it this morning. Glad I am not alone on this one.

  2. That’s a really great cake! I miss baking! I wish I had time but when you have a toddle running around I just couldn’t do it!

  3. AWESOME cake!! You rock!! I love the dino theme since your lil’ guy is learning about them and Dd now. 🙂 Great idea!! I wish I thought of more things like this. I’m stumbling right now with balancing kids and well kids!! uh!! Maybe something fun like this will help calm me and make my family happy too!!
    My son’s pre-k class is all about healthy food… he is so funny about what I pack in his lunch every day. 🙂 ONLY healthy food, and fruit snacks. lol
    Have a good weekend!!

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