Lunch with my posse!

Today I went to lunch with Mere, food is one of my favorite parts about coming to Houston. I went to Amazon Grill today and got an amazing grilled chicken and avocado sandwich, I was in heaven. Tonight I’m having world famous barbecue for dinner and tomorrow I want to try and squeeze in Pico’s, which is literally the best Mexican food ever, for lunch, mmmmm fajitas!
Well, I need to go get ready to go out tonight, so I’ll try to get on when I get home and blog.
Is there such a thing as drunk blogging? Maybe I’ll start a trend…lol.

Trish, if the girls like the carnival you should buy some of the half price tickets and save them for later. J and I are going to spend all day on March 20-something (whatever day Pat Green is playing) at the carnival with the kids, we could meet up and let the kids meet and ride rides and laugh at people, it’ll be fun.


What A Blast!

So, tonight I took the kids to the cook off, tomorrow and Saturday will be kid free, and Meredith (my bestest cousin in the whole wide world) and I decided to take the kids on a few rides since they were behaving so well (not really well but they were being cute so people pardoned their behavior). I bought like a gazillion tickets because they are half price during the cook off and we’ll use them at the rodeo too, so I figured using a few would be okay. First we went on the ginormous Ferris wheel (J come on here and insert a picture of it if you still have it)

With pleasure, my dear. Who can resist feeling like they got to sneak into someone else’s blog? This first picture is walking up to the Ferris Wheel, and the second is the view of the carnival, from (almost) the top of the wheel. See you all later!!!

Seriously, like 17 1/2 stories tall, Sophia and Nicholas were completely unfazed by this altitude. Sophia kept saying, “Ohhhhh, pretty lights!” and Nicholas just giggled a lot and tried to stand up a freak Mere and me out. Next, Nicholas insisted on riding the giant swings, I was really nervous about this because 1) he barely meets the 42″ height requirement and 2) what if he completely freaks out? So, I talked with the operator and he said at the first sign of him freaking he would stop it and I explained to Nicholas that even if he didn’t like it, it would take awhile to get it to stop. Nicholas assured me he would be fine and he would love it, so I decided to ride on the swing in front of him so he could see me the whole time and talk to me. We started going and he was like, “ohhhhh” and then we started going faster and he was like “ahhhhh” and then he I asked him if he was okay and he was screaming with laughter and said, “Mom, I’m flying!!!!” He was ecstatic, it was one of those moments that you are so happy to be a mom because he discovered something and I got to witness it. So, not being able to top flying we headed over to the giant slide so Sophia could ride another ride, on our way there Nicholas started complaining about his throat hurting, then he turned to all out freak out mode and I quickly got him a water and realized the sore throat was from him having his mouth wide open and screaming on the swings. I had to explain to him to close his mouth next time. So we eventually made it to the slide and Sophia barely made the cutoff height to ride with me, the only thing is that in order to ride this slide you have to walk up it alone, no holding children (which is totally understandable since it is 5 stories high and falling while holding a child could be catastrophic). Sophia took like 10 minutes to get to the top, luckily no one was behind us trying to rush us. We get to the top and Sophia is laughing her head off she is so excited about this huge slide, we line up and take off, Mere won and then Nicholas and then Sophia and I, Sophia loved it! So we figured that was enough excitement for one night and we should head back to say goodbye to my parents and get the kids home but on our way back Nicholas spotted this “roller coaster” that he wanted to ride so after much begging (I didn’t want to go since Sophia couldn’t go) I gave in and rode with him while Mere and Sophia watched. Once again he wasn’t scared at all, he said he can’t wait till he comes back with Princess because he wants to take her on it too. All in all tonight was great, the kids were good and I had fun. Mere spoiled Nicholas (she bought him a $10 light saber and then gave him $10 cash because he asked her for it, who does that?) but she always does, Sophia showered Mere with love, which if you know Sophia is a big deal, and I got to hang out with Mere, which I haven’t done in way too long. I can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow night, lord only knows what is to come. So, for tonight I will bid you adieu. Come home soon, I miss you Allie!

Today is going to be a good day.

I know this because today is the day I go to Houston! I’m leaving in a few hours and I still have to get Sophia and I packed, we all have to be ready for the cook off tonight when we leave because we won’t have time to get ready once we get there, and I have to get the oil changed in the Hyundai. I have to stop by J’s house too since I borrowed one of her hoodies and she left the other at my house yesterday, I don’t want to leave her with no hoodies, its supposed to be chilly this weekend.
So much to do, so little time. So, I’m going to go but I’ll try and write in the morning and tell you about all the weird food I’m going to eat tonight. If I’m not able to post tomorrow then I’ll leave it to my wonderful friend J to guest blog for me. Toodles and everyone have a good weekend, I know I will.

Wordless Wednsday, because there are no words to describe us.

Wait, my day isn’t over yet.

Almost immediately after hitting ‘publish post’ on that last post my husband yelled from the other room that he had gotten his orders, finally. After he told me I immediately felt like puking then I felt numb…his orders are for Fort Sill, Oklahoma. This is the last place I want to go and despite him saying he doesn’t want to go there either, he seemed awfully chipper. My depression lately has been pretty bad but that just increased my hopeless feeling by 100 percent. I am not happy and I certainly don’t think moving to another state, where I know no one, have no family or friends, is going to help. For now, we have agreed for me to stay here with the kids till Nicholas finishes school but after that what we do is up in the air. I’m so close to my degree I can taste it and I feel the time coming soon that I will have to choose, a job or school. I wish I could just crawl under a rock.

Feeling a little better.

J and I worked on our lesson today and although it was extremely difficult, we rocked it! I contacted my instructor (my classes are online) and he told me that I was doing very well in class with the exception of my midterm and my overall grade isn’t important (yeah right, he obviously wasn’t counting on scholarships). So, basically if I just ignore my midterm grade I still have a very high A, so I can just pretend until the end of the quarter.

I suck ass!!!

Well, I took my midterm after studying for hours upon hours and I got a 60. I am so upset, I literally cried. I have no chances of getting an A in this class and my chances of a B are looking pretty grim. This test should have been open book or less detailed. I don’t know anyone that can remember all the specifics of Newton’s laws, Kirchoff’s laws and Kepler’s laws. He told us we would need to memorize all formulas so I spent a great deal of time memorizing them and then come to find out, he gave them to us anyway. I know a lot of people will be very pleased about this but for someone that went and put forth the effort, this is very unnerving. What’s worse is that I can’t even sit here and wallow in my disappointment, I have 2 days to finish this week’s work so I can go to Houston this weekend. My only consolation is that come Thursday I will be sitting at our booth at the cook-off drinking very strong margaritas and eating copious amounts of barbecue, Thursday can’t come soon enough.