A Sad Day @ Friday Night Ambulance

The time has come and I have removed my blog 365 badge, I have more important things that I need to focus on for now. I will still be blogging, just not everyday, so keep checking back here you just won’t have fresh posts everyday.
School is already taking up a huge chunk of my time and it will only get harder once Luis leaves on the 10th. I’m going to be relying on J for a lot of help because this English class is a lot of work crammed into 8 weeks. I have to read The Great Gatsby and write a research paper about it and I’m really wishing I hadn’t slacked in high school and actually read that damn novel.
I’m off to read because I’m going to be doing a lot of that and writing too but I’ll be back here when I find some spare time and I’ll try to pop in every once in a while to say hi to you guys on your blogs. See you around. 😦


My favorite commercial of all time

My brother sent this to me awhile back but I still love it just as much as th first time I saw it. This commercial defines my humor.

Boring Sundays

Tomorrow school starts for me, again, my time off between classes was too short. I can’t wait to be done with school and the sad thing is that after this summer I’m still only half way there. This quarter I’m taking English 1302 (ughhhhh) and Western Civilization (J is taking this one with me so it shouldn’t be bad at all), so I will soon be back into bitching about school mode. Sorry, I know you guys don’t like hearing it so I will try to keep it to a minimum but God, I hate English. I’m not really sure how I passed English 1301, of course I have a couple of classes like that.

So today I am taking the opportunity to clean the house and go through stuff with Luis before he leaves. The house is filthy, the dishes need to be done, laundry needs to be folded, the upstairs needs vacuuming and I need to pick up poop in the backyard (don’t you just love dogs).

Basically, there is nothing interesting going on here and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon so I’m starting a new thing, Boring Sundays.

What is so special about Fridays?

Tonight J and I took the kids to Taco Bueno (I’ve never been before, we just got one and it wasn’t too bad for what it is…oh and the cheesecake chimichangas are awesome). While we were sitting there eating J and I were talking and not really listening to the idle chatter of the children when all of a sudden our ears perked up.

Nicholas said, “No Princess, its not Friday. I only love God on Fridays!”

If my mother heard some of the blasphemous crap that comes out of his mouth she would probably shit a brick.

I’m fairly certain I’m turning my kids into heathens.

I crack myself up!

This is not my post for the day but I have to let you know that I guest blogged for J last night and seriously, I laughed for like an hour at it. J didn’t give me the best response to it considering I thought it was like rolling-on-the-floor funny and she just chuckled at it. So you can check it out here and tell me if I am crazy or was that some funny shit?

How much more can I talk about myself?

I have been tagged by Tara at If Mom Says OK to do this little survey for you. I know I have done this one before and I have 100 things about me posts so I doubt I will be able to come up with anything original but I will try.

Here are the rules
1) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here it goes:

1) I have a scar on my right pinky from the only “fight” I ever got in. This girl my mom used to babysit scratched me with her fingernails so I punched her in the face, I was like 10. My mom tried to punish me but she didn’t really think I did anything wrong since I was defending myself and she started it, she did tell me that it was trashy to fight (physically) with people and I never did it again, I will tell my kids the same thing because she was right.

2) I’ve made up my mind and I am going to get that tattoo as a gift to myself for my birthday.

3) I like jumping on the trampoline when the kids aren’t around. When they’re around they always want me to hold them or do flips.

4) I would love to take a photography class, I have a kick ass 35mm camera and I never use it anymore.

5) I played Uno when I was in labor with both of my children, I also played Uno before Luis went in for surgery to have his lymphnodes removed. When my mom is in the hospital (she often is) I always try to remember Uno, I’m not really sure how this began but now its like a tradition.

6) I hate funerals, you have to mean a whole lot to me for me to go to your funeral. I don’t want a funeral when I die.

7) I’m really not looking forward to turning 26 next month, I hate aging.

Okay, I think those were different but I’m not going to check and make sure.

So here is who I tag (if you don’t want to do it, don’t worry, I won’t be offended):

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Oh, what a night!

Yesterday we went to take Nicholas to T ball on the other side of town (like 10 miles because that is how small this place is) and when we go there Sophia was holding her back/butt. She had a doctor’s appointment the next day for an abscess on her tailbone so Luis decided to look in her diaper and see what the problem was. He quickly called me over because from the time I changed her diaper before we left and the time we arrived a HUGE head showed up on the abscess. Sophia has tested positive for MRSA before and they told us the next time she got an abscess (because she gets them quite often) to get her in to the doctor ASAP. The drastic change that occurred in 20 minutes or so made us worry so we told the coach we couldn’t stay and we immediately took Sophia in to the ER.

After a whole lot of waiting we got seen by the doctor, who kept saying, “Heavens to Betsey!” he seriously said it like 10 times, after he was done with that he suggested we sedate her before draining it this time. So, we were moved to another area in the ER, the one that has curtains instead of walls and has all kinds of machines in it and nearby. When the nurse went to give her the IV (which btw, he was awesome, it was quick and he got it on the first try) she screamed so loud that she disrupted everyone in the ER. It took about 5 minutes to calm her down after the IV and then they decided to start moving a little quicker since she was a screamer.

The medicine they gave her was supposed to knock her out but not so much that she couldn’t breathe on her own so they had lots of wires hooked to her to monitor her vitals while she was under, this totally pissed her off. They started off slow giving her the medicine in her IV 1cc at a time, she refused to lay down even though she was drugged out of her mind, she continued screaming at the top of her lungs only to pause when she could no longer hold her head up. Every time she started to look like she was done screaming she would snap out of it and fight it, eventually she ended up laying on the bed with her eyes closed still yelling, “No! No! No!”

They had to keep giving the medicine to her every 30 seconds during the procedure (which I watched the entire thing, I think it kind of freaked the doctor out) to keep her from ripping the oxygen off her nose. After the procedure was over she slept for an hour before waking up and doing the same thing, screaming and ripping at cords. The nurse in charge of watching her was the same one that gave her the IV so when she woke up she kept giving him dirty looks. She drank a little water and was able to go home with a rather large hole in her butt (not that hole) and we need to go back in 2 days to have the packing removed.

By the time we got home last night she couldn’t remember any of it, which is exactly what they told me the medicine would do. I ended up taking the mattress out of Nicholas’ room and sleeping on the floor in her room so I could be there if she needed me in the middle of the night (which she did, a lot). So needless to say, I am exhausted today even though I slept in and Luis took Nicholas to school. She’s doing fine, acting like her usual self… just walking a little cautiously.