Blogger, can we maybe try it again?

I am having major anger issues with WordPress right now, so much so that I am thinking of switching back. These damn ho’s here at wordpress keep fucking up my pictures that I am posting and it is REALLY annoying. I am also missing my pink and purple, I just really need to get an ambulance on there. So yeah, I’m switching back because damn it, blogger makes picture loading easier and well, I like to post pics. Sorry for putting you guys through another move but you are resilient, you’ll be fine and if not I can recommend a good psychiatrist.


Houston, we have a moonwalk!

I picked up the 500 pound moonwalk this morning, I’m not so sure how we’re going to get it back in the morning but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Here are a few pics of the kids playing on it and of course, a pic of me, the Birthday Princess!

Birthday Princess, see my crown?My Birthday CakeJ trying to get us with her tongue (not the first time).

Thursday Night Drunken Whore

Yep that’s me. Last night J and I got shitty, not too shitty, just a prelude to tonight. Tonight will be a prelude to tomorrow night  so basically we are building up our weak ass tolerances to we can drink for a decent amount of time on my birthday. Speaking of my birthday, I think I want to rent a moon walk, I’m going to look into this today, it might be too short of notice but I’ll check anyway. I just love moon walks and I think it would be so much fun to have one for me so I can tell the stupid kids to get off and let me jump, after all it is MY birthday. I need to make a cake too, okay never mind, J just told me she’s making me cupcakes, it was going to be a surprise but I said I was going to make a cake so she had to tell me, ha ha ha, I foiled your plan. Alright, there is stuff I want to do and I’m not just talking about sitting on my ass reading blogs so I’m going to let you all go but don’t despair, I’ll be here everyday till the cows come home (and seeing as how I own no cows that will be for a long time).

Haha look at me.

I’m blogging on Allie’s page. Neener neener!!

Blog 365, I’m un-breaking up with you.

So I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, I’m a douche kabob. I check this thing everyday anyway so why not say something on here everyday. Now that Luis is gone I’m saying fuck school and yay blogs, okay not really, I’m still doing school but I would be lying if I said I spent all my free time on school. I can make time for blogging, especially since I love it so much. Its reading every one else’s blogs that takes up so much time so, I might not get to everyone’s blog everyday but I’m back on posting everyday…because I know you missed me.

Happy Birthday to me (early).

I just ordered my birthday present to myself and I must say, I am super excited!

Wouldn’t you be if you were getting this:

I’m so thoughful sometimes.

My Sexy Ass Shoes

So I told Dirty Pirate Hooker that I would post a picture of my sexy ass shoes, I know I posted a picture of these once before but now I’m wearing them in the picture and you can see my tattoo perfectly which is another reason why I LOVE these shoes.

FYI: I’m sitting down in these pics, that is why my pants looks so short and did you know that taking pictures of your own feet is a little difficult?