Stopping by for a quickie!

Okay, I couldn’t stay gone for longer than a day.
I finished The Great Gatsby and proposed my topic (Gatsby’s representation of the American dream) and I’m going to start my research soon. That is not why I stopped by though, I stopped by to let everyone know …. I’m getting a tattoo on Friday…or maybe two!
I’ll be sure to post pictures and since I’m taking time off from school work Friday to get inked with J and then go to a party, I will probably be holed up in a library this weekend or spending the last weekend I’ll have with my husband for the next few months (I can’t believe the 10th is almost here) at CEC with kids, you know, family time.
I’ll try and post pics Friday night or I’ll have J do it but now I have to go write another essay on a short story…again.

EDIT: Since Jenn really, really wants to know about my tattoo I will give a hint. It’s the size of a quarter, it will go on the inside of my left wrist (so I can cover it with a watch), it is round in shape and has to do with both Nicholas and Sophia but doesn’t say their names or anything like that, its more of a symbol. J actually gave me the idea and I loved it so much that I had to get it. The other tattoo that I might (probably) get is a ladybug (very small) on my right foot, I’ve always had a thing for ladybugs and I have wanted one tattooed on my foot for awhile now. I promised myself if I got another tattoo that I would get it done at the same time, so as long as it doesn’t add too much to the price tag, I’ll do it.