Ch- ch- changes!

I would like to state that this post has absolutely nothing to do with the text message you sent me, Mere.

Last night (before I got the message) I stopped by tattoo shop we are going to tomorrow and asked about the size of my tattoo and if it would work. Unfortunately, it is going to have to be bigger than what I wanted so I decided that I am not going to get it on my wrist. It would be too big to cover up and I was really wanting a more dainty and feminine looking tattoo not a monstrosity. After discussing my dilemma with my husband last night (I love the tattoo and I don’t want to change it but I can’t get it where I want it) I decided that I am going to get …a tramp stamp. I really want this tattoo and that is the only feasible place for me to get it and like my husband said, its for my kids so that makes it less slutty. I will probably get a wrist tattoo somewhere down the line because I really want it but I also want it to be small and inconspicuous so now is not the time. I’m still getting the ladybug too so you will have 2 tattoo pictures tomorrow, 3 counting J’s. I appreciate everyone’s supportive comments yesterday and I wish it would have worked out but since it didn’t I think I’m making the right decision.

Wow, that was awfully serious for a post about tattoos.