I’m hardcore like that.

So, I officially have 3 tattoos now…and I’m a bleeder! I knew this from my first tattoo but I didn’t realize exactly how bad until I saw J’s abscence of blood on her gauze pad. Anywho, I love my new tattoos, they are perfect. I made a last minute decision to do my ladybug in hot pink and black rather than red and black and I’m really glad I did.

And now the unveiling of my super secret tattoo.

Its a compass with only the N and S, which stands for Nicholas and Sophia. The compass is appropriate because my kids give me direction in life and without them I would be lost, it is also apropriate because Nicholas and Sophia are total opposites. So there you have it, my secret is revealed.

They didn’t hurt too bad, my foot barely hurt at all (its really swollen in this picture) and the only time my back hurt was when he was going over my spine but J held my hand for it. What a nice friend. Enjoy the pics and of course feel free to comment, even if you are just telling me that they are stupid.

This is me trying to disguise that it hurts but I didn’t want the girl that was going next (getting a tramp stamp also) to think it hurt too bad, it was her first tattoo.

EDIT: Jenn asked for a pic of my first tattoo also so here it is, I probably need to get it touched up because it is really light right now, especially since I got it done in blue instead of black.