Ten for Today!

Now that all that tattoo excitement is over (except I still can’t wait to see Shari’s) it would seem there is nothing to write about. So today is going to be totally random catching up on stuff.

1) Luis got an extension so he will be here till Sunday now which is awesome because I’m taking Nicholas on his first field trip on Thursday and he has a game that night, which we have to bring snacks so it will be nice having help from him instead of having to ask J to help me, yet again (wow, that was one giant run-on sentence).

2) I won a prize over at Mommies United from the blog party, that is completely awesome. I won an avacado colored square messenger-type bag, rad!

3) My birthday is coming up (April 19) and I totally milk it here at my house so I’ve already started ordering stuff, 2 pair of pants from gap and a cute pink and white shirt. Luis is going to be gone already on my birthday so we’re doing our celebrating early.

4) When I number things like this I realize I don’t really have much to say at all but I feel the need for my list of things to be longer than 3.

5) Oh, I told my mom about my tattoos yesterday and she was very upset with me, I told her that I was her trashiest child now because I have more tattoos than my brothers combined, this did not amuse her. I was proud of her though for saying that it is my body and I’m an adult. She did however tell me that if I had gotten one on my wrist she would kick my ass, for some reason this makes me want one on my wrist even more now…lol.

6) My cousin came up with a new word, douche-kabob. I love it and will be using it…a lot!

7) I got new neighbors, they’re Puerto Rican and if they are anything like that last Puerto Rican neighbors we had (it already appears that they will be) then they will not talk to us and only to the other Puerto Ricans across the street. Puerto Ricans are tight like that…I guess, I wouldn’t really know since they won’t talk to me.

8) I didn’t mean to offend anyone with that last one, I had Puerto Rican friends in high school but here Puerto Ricans and Samoans are like gangs, I think you have to kill a baby to get in tight with them…just kidding, but they are super tight with their own people.

9) I’m trying to make it to 10 but it is becoming increasingly hard.

10) I really want to buy something, my husband wants to even more than I do but we do this every now and then, we go crazy and need to buy something. In my Environmental Science class they called in affluenza, basically we’re sick because we are so into material objects.