Field Trip

Today Nicholas’ class went on their first field trip, it was great. I chaperoned and actually got put in charge of good kids and then Nicholas. We had a great time, we went to a strawberry farm and got to pick fresh strawberries and release ladybugs and pet goats, it was wonderful.

I took some pics of the kids, they were so cute. They kept eating the strawberries even though we kept telling them to wait till they got home to wash them but, whatever, a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Here are some pics of Nicholas.

 Nicholas picking strawberries.Nicholas eating ice cream.A goat in a tree.



  1. Is that a goat in the tree?

    Tricia…Affirmative, that is a goat in a tree, weird huh?

  2. A goat! What the damn hell!

    Chick…I know, when I saw it I just had to take a picture, that same goat was there for like an hour. It was really funny.

  3. okay before i even read your post… which by the way as i scrolled down to leave a comment… i saw some VERY cute pictures, i’m talking really really fantastic cuteness… but i wanted to tell you that I LOVE the way this looks!! very nice layout and colors!!!
    okay i’m off to read… be back again i’m sure.
    me aka the bitch that stalks you!! 🙂

    but you love it, i know you do.

    Jenn… I’m glad you like it here, I LOVE it! I love that I can put a comment on your comment, I love that I can make individual posts private, I love that J is an author on my blog so when she guest blogs for me she doesn’t have to say its her, I love that I imported my blogger blog on here in about 5 minutes, I love that you can copy and paste on here, and I love that I can strikethrough with the touch of a button. This is the life.

  4. okay… so could your son get any freakin’ cuter???

    love the pics. glad you had a good time… i love love LOVE strawberries!! sounds fun.

    love the pics of Nicholas, of course, and also the one of the goat in the tree… pretty cool!!

    glad you like it over here… blog on sistah, blog on!!

    Jenn…the answer to your question would be “No!” he cannot get any cuter, he gets it from his momma.

  5. I should have commented on the other pictures. But the damn goat threw me. I have a short attention span.


  6. This is pretty cool! Love your layout.

    The pictures are really cute! And why the hell would a goat climb a tree? Weird. (Because he can I suppose.)

  7. They don’t let you double space between sentences on this one either! URGH! Only downside I see so far.

  8. OMG – where the heck is the strbrry farm cause I have GOT to go. When I was a kid we lived about a mile from a strawberry farm and used to go all the flippin’ time in the summer!! I gotta take my kids. Who knew that goats could climb trees? Evolution is a bitch.

    Susan…It’s in Marble Falls, it took us about an hour to get there on the bus so its not too far away. One of the moms said they had a website but I don’t remember the name of the place so you can probably just do a search. As for the goats, the tree is one of those that grew to the side so the trunk is like a ramp, but I thought it would be a funny picture.

  9. Hey dear!! Now I’m craving strawberries… Do you know why this sucks?? Becuase I’m at my parents still… and they only have pineapple and cantelope, while I have a thing of strawberries at home… sigh…….. Looks like it was fun!! And I like wordpress, it’s cool!


  10. love the new look

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