What Came Next.

After we broke up the humiliation of being laughed at by his friends subsided but the real humiliation came days later when I got a call from his best friend. We had gone on double dates before and I liked him, he was nice to me and always treated me like a lady, he was a good friend and a good person. He had called me to check on me, he heard we had broken up and he knew his friend had done me wrong.

The first time we talked it was awkward, I could tell that he thought his friend was a dickhead but he was still loyal to him. He was honest with me and told about all the times I thought R (my ex) was hanging out with his cousins he was really out with girls. It was nice to know the truth but the truth hurt, I felt like someone had ripped my heart out, once again I felt like I wasn’t good enough. When we said goodbye he said he would call again later and I was shocked when he actually did.

We started talking every night, there was no ulterior motive, we just talked. We talked about life, school, friends, our parents, what we wanted to do, who we wanted to be, what we were afraid of; we talked for hours everynight. Every morning I woke up for school exhausted from staying up the night before talking. I learned a lot about myself talking to him, he was the first really honest person I had been friends with, he didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, he told you what he thought.

Slowly, I healed from the breakup with R and even though S was friends with him, he was surprisingly unbiased. He didn’t tell R that we talked then, it just made it easier. We didn’t know where our friendship would lead us but we both related to one another in a way neither or us had ever before. We talked every night for months before we decided to see each other again.

After months of late nights, talking about anything and everything on our minds it was no surprise that we started to have feelings for each other. When I saw him again it was very different than the first time I met him. When R introduced us I didn’t pay much attention to him because he was just R’s friend, but the first time I saw him after the breakup was shocking for me. I hadn’t realized how cute he was, his eyes twinkled, his smile looked mischevious, and his skin was like smooth, creamy coffee.

We decided to get together while I was still on break for Christmas but I had already started soccer. My practice was running late and when he got to the house I was still in my soccer clothes. Being a teenager in a house all alone and needing to take a shower while a guy is there is one way to make hormones rage. Needless to say we ended up making out with each other and then some, I don’t remember if we ended up leaving my house all my memories that day are reserved for what happened in my room.

He told me that day that he wished that he could have been my first and I did too. He was the first and only guy I ever had sex with knowing what an amazing person he was BEFORE we did it. I had imagined what having sex with him would be like, I knew it would happen but I had no idea of the emotional connection I would have with him. At that moment, the very first time, everything seemed perfect.