Happy Birthday to me (early).

I just ordered my birthday present to myself and I must say, I am super excited!

Wouldn’t you be if you were getting this:

I’m so thoughful sometimes.


My Sexy Ass Shoes

So I told Dirty Pirate Hooker that I would post a picture of my sexy ass shoes, I know I posted a picture of these once before but now I’m wearing them in the picture and you can see my tattoo perfectly which is another reason why I LOVE these shoes.

FYI: I’m sitting down in these pics, that is why my pants looks so short and did you know that taking pictures of your own feet is a little difficult?

Why can’t I just be lazy?

I had every intention of coming home from taking Nicholas to school and going back to bed but instead I ended up cleaning the whole damn house. I don’t even know why. I’m so tired because I woke up a million times last night, I also had trouble falling asleep because my super trashy neighbors were being really loud at 11:00 last night. I was going to go out and yell at them to shut up but by the time I found my pants they had already gone inside. I really hate them so any excuse to bitch at them is good with me.

In other news: Luis got put with a basic training unit so he’s pissed about having to deal with a bunch of new guys all the time but he did say that Oklahoma is very peaceful and they have lots of trees.  He thinks I might actually really like it there since I love the outdoors so I’m feeling better about the move. I still worry about the damn tornadoes but I can’t do anything about acts of God.

That’s all I’ve got for now, today is boring.

Smell ya later!