Thursday Night Drunken Whore

Yep that’s me. Last night J and I got shitty, not too shitty, just a prelude to tonight. Tonight will be a prelude to tomorrow night  so basically we are building up our weak ass tolerances to we can drink for a decent amount of time on my birthday. Speaking of my birthday, I think I want to rent a moon walk, I’m going to look into this today, it might be too short of notice but I’ll check anyway. I just love moon walks and I think it would be so much fun to have one for me so I can tell the stupid kids to get off and let me jump, after all it is MY birthday. I need to make a cake too, okay never mind, J just told me she’s making me cupcakes, it was going to be a surprise but I said I was going to make a cake so she had to tell me, ha ha ha, I foiled your plan. Alright, there is stuff I want to do and I’m not just talking about sitting on my ass reading blogs so I’m going to let you all go but don’t despair, I’ll be here everyday till the cows come home (and seeing as how I own no cows that will be for a long time).