I’m a slacker.

I haven’t done any homework today, although I should have, instead I slept in till 11 am, I took Nicholas to school but then came home and went back to bed because I haven’t been feeling well. Anyway, I feel like such a bum because I have accomplished nothing today, Luis cleaned the kitchen, which was very nice of him, but that makes me feel like even more of a bum.
We went to lunch and then went to pickup Nicholas from school and that is seriously all I have done today. I need some energy pills or something, I think it would help too if my house wasn’t so cold that I wanted to hide under a blanket when I’m inside. Luis is always hot and so we keep our AC on 65 at all times, Sophia’s lips were blue this morning. I think I might really enjoy these next few months that he’ll be gone, we can finally thaw the house.


I suck!

I totally, completely and absolutely suck. Sitemeter will be the death of me. I look at it everyday to see who is checking out my blog and it seems like lately I just plain suck. I did that damn blog party (which seems to have an awful lot of christian mommies, not that I have a problem, I’m catholic, I’m just not the yell it from the mountain tops kind of person) and I got a few more hits for like a day or two but other than that, nada. I have some faithful followers (girls, I love you because you make sure I at least have some hits) but it would be nice to attract some new people. So I have come to the conclusion that I suck and no one wants to read what I have here. I mean honestly, who wants to read about some boring stay at home mom with 2 kids? Hell, I don’t even want to read that shit. I’m debating whether or not to continue Blog 365, it seems to make my posts even more boring because I am obligated to post even if I have nothing worthy of posting, like now, I am posting about posting. I need to get a life.

A whole new level of boredom.

I’m bored, I have been for a few days now. I’ve been playing way too much Halo because I have nothing better to do, okay I could be cleaning something or folding laundry but who wants to do that?

I have nothing to do, J is busy spending every last minute with her husband (as it should be) and my husband is busy clearing post so he can head up to Oklahoma. My mom keeps calling me and bugging me so I’ve pretty much stopped answering the phone.

I cleaned up for about an hour this morning but now I just want to lay around and be bored, the bills are paid, the kids are watching a movie and I’m just sitting here hitting keys trying to turn this into some semblance of a post.

I’m so bored that I’m thinking of cutting my own hair just to liven things up around here, I was bored the other night so I cut Nicholas’ hair. He said he doesn’t like it and now he won’t have any friends (I have no idea where he heard that from), it actually looks really good… or so people have told me.

Maybe I’ll use my boredom to finish my Astronomy homework…nah!