Ambulance Cake??

Seriously, everyday I get at least one hit on my blog from people searching for ambulance cake. I had no idea that these ambulance cakes were in such demand. I really am going to piss people off now because I actually have a post called ambulance cake, maybe I will make an ambulance cake and post pictures of it on here. I could actually give these people what they are looking for, although I have no idea how to make an ambulance cake. Hmmm, I will have to put much thought into this one.
If you found this blog searching for ambulance cake, be patient, I will figure out how to make an ambulance cake and be sure to post it for you until then feel free to read my other crap on here.

Completely unrelated to my post: What the fuck is up with the spellchecker? You are making me look like an idiot, please fix yourself.


Cake Day!

Last night I decided to make a cake today for the kids and while I was racking my brain to figure out how I should decorate it I realized that Nicholas is learning about dinosaurs this week and the letter Dd. So I thought a dinosaur cake would be fitting. His favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus so I started there. I looked up stegosaurus clip art online and found a simple outline of the dinosaur. I printed it out and used piping gel to transfer the image to the cake. After that I just used various tips to fill it in and tip 67 to make leaves for the bushes and tree.
I really wish I could share this with his entire class but cake isn’t a nutritious food so it’s not allowed, isn’t that crap. Oh well, I guess tonight the kids, J and I will have to eat it. Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.
The sides are kind of boring but I figured there was enough icing on it already.

Sophia’s Birthday "Party"

Today we celebrated Sophia’s birthday, she just turned 2 and is completely obsessed with horses right now so we invited J, D, and Princess over and we took the kids to BLORA to ride the pony. It was pretty fun and the kids loved it, so here are some of the pics from today.

The pony was really old but she was super sweet and kept trying to make us walk her over to the gate. By the time our hour was up I think she was pretty tired. After we left the ranch at BLORA we headed back to our house to have dinner and cake and ice cream. Now, I took a cake decorating class back in September so I could make really nice cakes for my kids’ birthdays but this morning when I was icing the cake I totally messed up because my icing was too stiff. J thought I had made a cookies and cream cake because that was how bad you could see the crumbs from the cake through the icing. My solution: go to Walmart and buy the ready-made Wilton decorator icing and ice over my mistake. The cool thing is, I think it worked pretty good. So here is a picture of the cake, with and without Sophia.

The cake tasted great and I guess that is what matters most and provided enough sugar that J and I acted like we were drunken idiots and had a blast doing it. Surprisingly enough the kids were fine with all the sugar. So, all in all I’d have to say that it was a pretty awesome birthday party for Fifi.