I suck ass!!!

Well, I took my midterm after studying for hours upon hours and I got a 60. I am so upset, I literally cried. I have no chances of getting an A in this class and my chances of a B are looking pretty grim. This test should have been open book or less detailed. I don’t know anyone that can remember all the specifics of Newton’s laws, Kirchoff’s laws and Kepler’s laws. He told us we would need to memorize all formulas so I spent a great deal of time memorizing them and then come to find out, he gave them to us anyway. I know a lot of people will be very pleased about this but for someone that went and put forth the effort, this is very unnerving. What’s worse is that I can’t even sit here and wallow in my disappointment, I have 2 days to finish this week’s work so I can go to Houston this weekend. My only consolation is that come Thursday I will be sitting at our booth at the cook-off drinking very strong margaritas and eating copious amounts of barbecue, Thursday can’t come soon enough.


Why couldn’t I have just been lesbian?

The day started out good, despite 2 dentist appointments. I got up to take Nicholas to school and then came home and played Halo, I got my sergeant grade 2, I was happy. I went to my first dentist appointment, which was for cavities 😦 but it wasn’t so bad, I was happy. I got home and played Halo with Luis and J and got a phone call from Nicholas’ school, today they got out early, how did I not know this? but I went and got him and everything worked out, I was happy. I went to my second dentist appointment, this one was for my cleaning, I got there early and I got done early, I was happy. I got home and Luis wanted to go out to eat so we got the kids ready and left, I didn’t have to make dinner, I was happy. On our way there we started talking about the future and how stressed I am about what’s going on right now with him and the Army. Our talking turned into a misunderstanding and our misunderstanding turned into an argument. When we got to Olive Garden I said fine, I gave in but apparently by the time we made it up to the door he had decided he didn’t want to eat with us anymore so he walked out to the car and said for us to go. I, of course, said no, I would not go if he wasn’t going in with me and he said fine so we went home. So now, not only am I fighting with my husband I also had to cook, so I’m really pissed. I told you he was due to piss me off. So basically, my day started off happy, made it 3/4 of the way through and then turned to complete shit!

Did you ever wonder…

…how many seconds it takes to fill my kids’ bathroom with water if a pipe busted? As of today, I have an answer for that, 30 seconds. Isn’t that amazing, who would have thought so much water could come out of a tiny pipe in such a short amount of time. The funny thing is that I was sitting in my office just reading Jason, for the love of God and I heard what sounded like the shower spraying on full-blast in the hall bathroom, then Dollar started barking at the bathroom. So I jumped up and was like what the hell is going on, I looked in the bathroom and saw water shooting out from the pipe going into to toilet. Water had already made it to the door and was being soaked up by the 2 rugs so I yelled for Luis to turn off the water going to the toilet and it finally stopped, this took roughly 30 seconds. When I looked around there was 2-3 inches of water and then I heard the water dripping downstairs. It was awful, the water was leaking from the ceiling and was pouring out of the vent. Four double-wide beach towels finally got the water cleaned up but we really lucked out because nothing of ours was ruined. We called maintenance and they had someone out within 30 minutes to fix it and we’re supposed to call again in a couple days to have someone out to assess the water damage and we’ll find out if they’re going to need to move us to another house to repair it all. I really hope they’ll just put us up in a hotel for a week or so and fix it, that would be best. So, that was the excitement for my day and I’ll be finding out soon how inconvenient this is going to be for us. Tomorrow is going to be a pretty exciting day for us, we’re supposed to find out if Luis will be able to go to Iraq. We have to get permission from his oncologist for him to go and we’re just keeping our fingers crossed right now.