So cool!

So, the coolest thing ever, Friday Night Ambulance finally has an ambulance on it. Yay!!!

That’s all I’ve got for now but I’ll be back later.


Boring Sundays

Tomorrow school starts for me, again, my time off between classes was too short. I can’t wait to be done with school and the sad thing is that after this summer I’m still only half way there. This quarter I’m taking English 1302 (ughhhhh) and Western Civilization (J is taking this one with me so it shouldn’t be bad at all), so I will soon be back into bitching about school mode. Sorry, I know you guys don’t like hearing it so I will try to keep it to a minimum but God, I hate English. I’m not really sure how I passed English 1301, of course I have a couple of classes like that.

So today I am taking the opportunity to clean the house and go through stuff with Luis before he leaves. The house is filthy, the dishes need to be done, laundry needs to be folded, the upstairs needs vacuuming and I need to pick up poop in the backyard (don’t you just love dogs).

Basically, there is nothing interesting going on here and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon so I’m starting a new thing, Boring Sundays.

My life is now complete.

J got her laptop so here we are at the table, across from each other, on our own computers and we are talking about what we’re typing or looking at. We are actually having a conversation about how I hate the word meme. I think it sounds stupid and also I think the Internet use of it doesn’t follow the definition. J looked it up on Wikipedia (I love Wikipedia) and was reading me the definition after I told her that I don’t like referring to surveys as memes. From now on I am only referring to them as surveys, I am boycotting the use of the word meme on this blog, so that was the last time it will be used. Do not speak that word on here, I’m a meme Nazi (okay, I know I just said it again but I swear that is the last time).

Ambulance Cake??

Seriously, everyday I get at least one hit on my blog from people searching for ambulance cake. I had no idea that these ambulance cakes were in such demand. I really am going to piss people off now because I actually have a post called ambulance cake, maybe I will make an ambulance cake and post pictures of it on here. I could actually give these people what they are looking for, although I have no idea how to make an ambulance cake. Hmmm, I will have to put much thought into this one.
If you found this blog searching for ambulance cake, be patient, I will figure out how to make an ambulance cake and be sure to post it for you until then feel free to read my other crap on here.

Completely unrelated to my post: What the fuck is up with the spellchecker? You are making me look like an idiot, please fix yourself.

I have a problem coming up with blog titles.

I sanded that damn bed for 3 hours today and I’m still not done yet. I’m really close to being done but then I remember sanding is only the first step. I still have to clean off the sawdust, prime it and then paint it and all three have drying steps in between. I swear to Bob that I am never going to get this thing done. It doesn’t help that Luis is sick, he always manages to get sick at the most inopportune times.
J and I worked on our astronomy today but we’re not even close to being done for this lesson and I really don’t want to deal with it this weekend, hopefully we’ll be able to finish it up tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I really need this weekend to get the kid’s rooms together because, by God, I will be done with that bed this weekend (I hope). Well, I’m going to get some sleep here because I am tired and I suck!

Stupid, stupid, stupid

I really don’t like people, really, its a wonder that J and I managed to become friends. For the most part, I think people are stupid, at least most of them in this town. I also think I am better than 90% of the people here, I don’t mean this like I am so civilized and cultured and they are not because they don’t know which side of the plate a fork goes on. I think I am better than they are because I know how to correctly use the words don’t and doesn’t (eg “She don’t talk to him anymore.”), I also watch my children when I am out in public (maybe not at home but by God I do in public) and for the love of Christ, I do not wear my pajamas to the store. My expectations aren’t THAT high but for this town it seems like I ask a lot. I wish J and I had more people that we could hang out with, someone that wasn’t trashy but its so hard here. Sometimes I worry that we come across as total bitches but I don’t think we should lower our standards. I would rather have one J than 10 trashy, idiot whores to be my friends (my husband might disagree on this one…lol).

Yackety Smackety!

I’m at J’s right now and about to fall asleep so I’m going home. Damn this blog 365, I’ll have a better post tomorrow, I promise. Merry Saturday to all and to all a goodnight.