Ahhh, a day for lovers.

It’s Valnetine’s Day and mine was spent in the ER with an exceptionally good doctor, for once.
Diagnosis: I have pnumonia, some kind of infection in my throat, a slight ear infection (she also mentioned scarring in my ear but I have no clue) and sinus drainage. What does this all mean? Take some antibiotics, sudafed, cough syrup and shut the fuck up and get better. So, I’m working on it, I feel better already and its only been a few hours with the antibiotics in my system. With all of us being sick though, my poor husband can pretty much count me out on giving “it” up for v-day, I did however get him this card.

Sometimes I feel like card companies write cards specifically for me and this is one of those times.


Two for Tuesday

Not a lot happened today, I layed around and was made to be lazy (not that it took much to get me there). We had to pick Nicholas up early from school today because he had a fever and he can’t go back till Thursday. Despite being sick, today was my lucky day, Sophia took 2 1/2 naps today. The half of a nap was this morning, she went back to bed instead of going with me to take Nicholas to school. I have pictures of the other two, hence the “two for Tuesday.”

The first one was when I realized it was awfully quiet, looked out into the hallway and there she was like a little munchkin.
The second was later in the afternoon, she went and layed in our bed and Diamond snuggled up with her. Diamond loves her and I’m not really sure why because Sophia pretty much tortured her for about a year until she learned how to correctly hold the cats.
So, that’s my Tuesday, hope yours was more interesting.

The bed is DONE!!!!!

So, I convinced Luis to let me go get more paint after we picked Nicholas up from school today and when we got home I snuck outside and finished it. It has to dry 24 hours then we can put it together and then its picture time. I’m going to have to try really hard to convince Luis to let me put it together tomorrow though because we basically have to move a lot of furniture to get the rooms seperated (right now the other room is a play room so we have to divide the toys between the kids and move the t.v. into Nicholas’ room). I’m still feeling crappy and I lose my breath quite easily so I might take his advice on the furniture moving, we’ll see.

I’m one sick-ass mofo!

So, yeah I have whatever it is that my husband had (we’re thinking it was viral pnemonia like D since Luis probably gave it to D). I’ve been laying in bed all day, I woke up and took Nicholas to school then went back to bed and slept until 10am. Now, I’m sitting here reading everyone’s blogs and commenting on ALL of them. So, if you read my blog and you have never commented, comment so I can check your blog out too, I promise to comment. I need things to do here since my husband won’t let me get out of bed, he brought me chicken noodle soup in bed and checks on me every hour to see if I need more medicine. I know this sounds really sweet but it is making me crazy, he won’t let me get up, I just want to get up, I’m surprised he hasn’t found a way to pee for me. I need to go to Lowe’s to get another can of spray paint so I can finish that damn bed, its like 95% done and it is killing me knowing that I could take 10 minutes and go out there and finish it if i just had another can of paint, but the pnumonia nazi won’t let me.
I’m thinking of coming up with something really outrageous to ask him to do for me, I like fucking with him. Last night after he was in bed I asked him to get up and go downstairs and turn the AC down (which I always confuse since you turn it down to make it cooler and up to make it hotter, for some reason I just can’t keep this straight, I’m blonde) so he rolled his eyes and got up when downstairs and turned it down, by the time he made it back up and in bed again I heard the AC kick on and I then yelled “No, I’m cold, why did you make it colder?” He yelled back that I told him to turn it down and since he is always hot he had no problem doing this. So I explained to him that I am freezing my ass off and he needed to turn the AC up instead, once again I got an eye roll and he traipsed back down stairs and fixed it. I love being an inconvenience for him, it’s like payback for every other day of my life where he is an inconvenience for me.

One of those days.

So today started off okay, its Friday which means my son eats lunch at school which allows me to hit the snooze button twice instead of just once. I was still tired but I always am at 6am, I dragged the kids out of bed and surprisingly they didn’t complain. Sophia has a nasty habit of screaming in the morning and hitting her brother when he gets near her, this morning though she was all smiles. I took Nicholas to school and dropped him off at the front of the school, which he hates, but got no complaints, all signs were pointing to good day. I went home, did some dishes and laundry, and grabbed a quick nap before J came over to work on homework (I know we wanted it done before today but we are lazy). We finished our lab just in the knick of time so we could pick up the kids on time. Now is usually the part where I say that we’re doing something or another tonight but we’re not, my husband is still not feeling good and well, seems to think everyone wants to lay around on their asses when he isn’t feeling good. I’ve been really cranky lately because of aunt flo and now I’m finally feeling a little more sane and he gets all crabby. I wanted to get out of the house tonight and the kids are wanting to play but we’re stuck here doing nothing. I can’t even paint the bed because my effing finger is killing me from the spray paint yesterday when I primed it. You can pretty much expect me bitching on here later about how freaking bored I am because lord knows I am not sitting aroung doing laundry tonight, even though I know it needs to be done. I hope everyone else is having more fun this Friday than me.