What is so special about Fridays?

Tonight J and I took the kids to Taco Bueno (I’ve never been before, we just got one and it wasn’t too bad for what it is…oh and the cheesecake chimichangas are awesome). While we were sitting there eating J and I were talking and not really listening to the idle chatter of the children when all of a sudden our ears perked up.

Nicholas said, “No Princess, its not Friday. I only love God on Fridays!”

If my mother heard some of the blasphemous crap that comes out of his mouth she would probably shit a brick.

I’m fairly certain I’m turning my kids into heathens.


I crack myself up!

This is not my post for the day but I have to let you know that I guest blogged for J last night and seriously, I laughed for like an hour at it. J didn’t give me the best response to it considering I thought it was like rolling-on-the-floor funny and she just chuckled at it. So you can check it out here and tell me if I am crazy or was that some funny shit?