Thursday Night Drunken Whore

Yep that’s me. Last night J and I got shitty, not too shitty, just a prelude to tonight. Tonight will be a prelude to tomorrow night  so basically we are building up our weak ass tolerances to we can drink for a decent amount of time on my birthday. Speaking of my birthday, I think I want to rent a moon walk, I’m going to look into this today, it might be too short of notice but I’ll check anyway. I just love moon walks and I think it would be so much fun to have one for me so I can tell the stupid kids to get off and let me jump, after all it is MY birthday. I need to make a cake too, okay never mind, J just told me she’s making me cupcakes, it was going to be a surprise but I said I was going to make a cake so she had to tell me, ha ha ha, I foiled your plan. Alright, there is stuff I want to do and I’m not just talking about sitting on my ass reading blogs so I’m going to let you all go but don’t despair, I’ll be here everyday till the cows come home (and seeing as how I own no cows that will be for a long time).


A Little Retail Therapy

Today J and I hung out, I came over after I dropped off Nicholas at school and we immediately caught up on Gossip Girl. I started watching it after the strike and there was nothing else on (some of you may be thinking, I thought you don’t watch t.v., but I do watch very few shows that are available online) I immediately got hooked and told J about it and now she tapes the old episodes on her DVR as they come on and I go over to her house and watch them because I am not patient enough to wait till Saturday when they become available online. Gossip Girl is like Grey’s and Samantha Who?, these shows are good enough to go through the trouble of watching them online.
After we got done watching t.v. we decided that we needed to do something, after much thinking and coming up with nothing we decided on shopping. I needed to go by Ross (even though I hate that store) to buy Nicholas some new shoes, he has really wide feet, like loaves of bread, and Ross carries a lot of skater shoes which happen to be wide. I found 2 pairs of shoes for him, neither of which were skater shoes but worked perfectly. I also found a pair of shoes for me, yay! Its so hard to find shoes in my size and to find cute ones too is awesome. So I was happy, I got a couple dresses for Sophia and nightgown for her too and J found some Reef’s for like $8 so that totally rocks, she also got a new down pillow and some books and clothes for Princess. All in all it was a good shopping trip which is amazing for Ross and this town. I really hope Oklahoma has Marshalls or TJ Maxx, those are my faves.
Well, I’m off to T ball practice so I’ll try and put a picture up of my new shoes later, Shari will love them (I’m not sure why but they kind of remind me of her). Toodles!

Okay, I got it posted but it took me forever, blogger was being an A-hole and it wouldn’t let me upload.

I asked for a flower…

…what I got was a landscape.

J and I went to get pedicures last night, they were kind of busy so it took awhile but it was nice. We sat in the massage chairs for like 30 minutes with the foot spa on before they even started on us, but who can complain, we would have been sitting around talking even if we weren’t waiting. I’m pretty sure that the guy that did my feet had a foot fetish, he just held my feet so gently, like he was caressing them. Then he blew on my toenails after he painted them (he jokingly said he would charge $5 for blowing) and I swear he looked like he wanted to eat them, or lick them. The best part of having someone that “enjoyed” his job so much was that when he put lotion on my feet and massaged my legs I swear he did it for like 20 minutes. In an attempt to brighten my mood, I asked for a flower design on my big toe and this is what I got. I like it, its just a little more than I’m used to.