Wordless Wednesday – Easter Edition


Home again, home again jiggety jig!!

We’re back from Houston and I’m exhausted, I have laundry to do and blogs to read. I’m too tired to be funny, hell I’m too tired to type, so these are funny things that happened with no explanation.
We stopped at Burger King on the drive home and I threw french fries at J’s car and ketchup packets at Princess through the windows.
Last night J and I went out with my cousin, Mere, we made fun of trashy whores and almost went to get tattoos at midnight.
J and I both took our finals for our class and both got Cs in the class, ruined our GPAs but yea, we passed!
We had our egg hunt yesterday at 5 pm but last night when we got home from the bar we found 2 more eggs in the grass.
Easter was awesome, the rodeo was awesomer and I am awesome-ist!

Ahhh, a day for lovers.

It’s Valnetine’s Day and mine was spent in the ER with an exceptionally good doctor, for once.
Diagnosis: I have pnumonia, some kind of infection in my throat, a slight ear infection (she also mentioned scarring in my ear but I have no clue) and sinus drainage. What does this all mean? Take some antibiotics, sudafed, cough syrup and shut the fuck up and get better. So, I’m working on it, I feel better already and its only been a few hours with the antibiotics in my system. With all of us being sick though, my poor husband can pretty much count me out on giving “it” up for v-day, I did however get him this card.

Sometimes I feel like card companies write cards specifically for me and this is one of those times.