Houston, we have a moonwalk!

I picked up the 500 pound moonwalk this morning, I’m not so sure how we’re going to get it back in the morning but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Here are a few pics of the kids playing on it and of course, a pic of me, the Birthday Princess!

Birthday Princess, see my crown?My Birthday CakeJ trying to get us with her tongue (not the first time).


Field Trip

Today Nicholas’ class went on their first field trip, it was great. I chaperoned and actually got put in charge of good kids and then Nicholas. We had a great time, we went to a strawberry farm and got to pick fresh strawberries and release ladybugs and pet goats, it was wonderful.

I took some pics of the kids, they were so cute. They kept eating the strawberries even though we kept telling them to wait till they got home to wash them but, whatever, a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Here are some pics of Nicholas.

 Nicholas picking strawberries.Nicholas eating ice cream.A goat in a tree.

Wordless Wednesday – Easter Edition

Yee Haw, Let’s Rodeo!

Yesterday was a blast! We got to the carnival around 1:00 pm and we rode rides until 6:30 pm, the kids rode rollercoasters, tea cups, ferris wheels and more. None of the kids cried, they were all good and no one got scared on a single ride…okay J and I were a little freaked out when we rode the ski lift thing that takes you from one side of the carnival to the other. We got up to the top and then apparently there were problems with the ride and we were stuck in the air for 20 minutes. Its like a real ski lift and I had Sophia with me and she kept trying to look over the edge or lean forward and she very easily could have plunged to her death (this is not even an exaggeration). J took lots of pictures at this point to try and keep her from freaking about being stuck in the air like that, Princess thought it was really funny to freak her mom out.

We rode the giant ferris wheel again and the kids had fun looking out at the whole carnival and all the way to downtown Houston.

When I said we were going to eat our weight in carnival food I wasn’t lying. We had corn dogs, turkey legs, pizza, pie, lemonaid, funnel cakes and lots of soda. If I didn’t gain like 10 pounds yesterday it was only because we walked like 100 miles (okay, maybe it wasn’t 100 miles but it was close).

We all put on sunscreen except J and we all burned except Princess. I have a total farmer’s tan now but it was nice to get a little sun (especially since Luis pretty much has made sure we haven’t gotten any sun the last 2 years).

The rodeo was a blast, Sophia slept for the first hour but after she woke up she enjoyed it just as much as the other kids. Nicholas was in love with the bull riders and pretended he was riding a bull (the bulls were harsh last night and only 3 riders made it 8 seconds). Sophia loved the horses and she adored Pat Green. Princess and Sophia danced in their seats through all the songs (well, the ones we were there for at least). We left early because Nicholas was getting really tired, he fell asleep in Luis’ arms which is really unusual. So we made the long trek back to the car and got home at 11:30 last night. After a quick shower I put aloe on the kids and then showered and aloed myself and went to bed. My kids and I slept until 9:00 this morning and since we didn’t have enough sugar and crap yesterday I went got donuts for breakfast. No wonder my kids love grandma’s house so much.

Ten year olds with pacifiers? WTF

Okay, maybe he was closer to 5 but still, it is absolutely ridiculous that this kid, not toddler, not baby, still had a pacifier.

Where was I when I encountered this atrocity, you ask? McDonald’s, of course.

This was not the only ridiculous thing at McDonald’s, there was also a woman with, I kid you not, 7 kids! They were literally climbing the walls in the playground, they ran into Sophia on the slide twice.

This is a normal occurrence here in my fair city of Killeen, Texas. On rainy days, such as today, we all take our kids to the indoor playgrounds. Seeing as there is also a high incidence of trashy moms here some of them are bound to end up at the same playground we go to.

Minor trashiness today was the 8 or 9 year old girl wearing pajamas at the playground, this is small potatoes compared to a normal rainy day at McDonald’s. There were actually several well behaved children and several attentive parents today.

I wish I could move to my own planet and no trashy people would be allowed, sign up if you want to come with me, unless you’re trashy (then you can’t come).

My son, Tim Gunn

I have mentioned before that we don’t have cable and because of where we live and the limited non-cable channels we get we choose not to watch television, only movies. I know for a fact that my son has never seen project runway or even a commercial for it. This is what happens…

I was in the kitchen cutting up the kids’ chicken and Nicholas came in, being particularly cute, and asked if he could take the plates out to the table and I said that I needed to finish cutting up the chicken and then he could.

He looked at me and said, “Its okay mom, make it work!”

My son unknowingly quotes fashionable gay men.

T Ball

Today was Nicholas’ first T ball practice so I brought my camera to take pics, of course when we got there Sophia was being a total pill and I had to walk her over to the playground so she would stop annoying me. Because I was all the way over at the playground it was hard to get any good pics of him but these are what I got. Enjoy!