100 Things About Me (61-80)

As per Imaginary Binky’s request these are more about what I like about myself, at least half of them because I didn’t get her comment until I was half way done with this list. I don’t want you to think that I don’t like myself because I do, I love myself in fact. I have bad days that I dwell on things that I don’t like but I am the kind of person that changes things that I don’t like. Acknowledging these things is the first step to changing myself. I also didn’t want this list to be only good things about me, I don’t think that is me being me, everyone has flaws, but I also don’t want you feeling sorry for me, because everything I don’t like I will change, it won’t be this way forever.

61) I’ve had a piece of my art displayed in a museum. I was in high school and there was a contest among Houston high schools and I was one of the winners. The painting is really gross, its a hairless cat coughing up a hairball, I guess I was being ironic. I really didn’t want to do the assignment and then I was chosen, I think that was the funniest part.

62) I have 26 aunts and uncles and 38 cousins, almost all of them live in Houston, I really don’t want to live in Houston.

63) I have had my nipples pierced twice, not at the same time. I had them done then decided I didn’t want them anymore so I took them out then I changed my mind and got them pierced again. The second time is definitely worse and I only had them in about 4 months before I took them out again.

64) I think facial piercings are trashy, if you have a facial piercing I probably would not be your friend. If I was already your friend and then you got a facial piercing I would stay friends with you but give you hell, just ask J (she took it out, it wasn’t because of me but I like to take credit).

65) I am so judgmental and I don’t apologize for it. Making judgements about people is smart, its a survival instinct, we all do it. If you see a scary man in a parking lot you will be cautious or have someone escort you to your car, this is being judgemental but no one complains when its for your own safety.

66) I didn’t have my first orgasm until 2 years after I started having sex and I had to do it myself, teenage boys are selfish, I will never sleep with one again…lol.

67) I think it is completely disgusting that my parents have sex. My oldest brother has no problems talking about sex in front of my parents and talking about their sex life with them, I want to barf!

68) My first car was an ’88 Chevy Z24 Cavalier, the muffler was broken but everyone at school thought that it was suped up, I had them fooled.

69) I love driving on long trips, when J and I went to Indiana last summer I drove like 16 of the 22 hours, not because J wasn’t willing to drive but because I wanted to and I couldn’t sleep anyway.

70) I was almost raped by two guys at a party once but quick thinking got me out of the situation, I don’t really have any hang-ups over this, but I do think I was really lucky.

71) I am never alone in my house for longer than 10 minutes or so. I wish I could sit at home and just be alone but this never seems to happen for me, and yes, this bothers me.

72) When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut but my mother told me that maybe I should reconsider, that it wasn’t a very attainable goal. I’m not saying that had she not said this I would be an astronaut, but it was the beginning of me feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

73) I used to idolize my mother, I thought she was the greatest and my best friend, then she betrayed me and now I hope that I am nothing like her.

74) To me, addiction is a sign of weakness, the only weakness I have to kick is food.

75) I love my eyes, I think they are beautiful. In pictures its hard for me to look away from my eyes, I’m always amazed at how blue they are. I’m really glad my kids got blue eyes (I don’t really think they had a choice since Luis has blue eyes too).

76) I love my sense of humor, I think I am very funny (some people don’t agree with this), I can make almost anyone laugh.

77) The closest I’ve come to breaking a bone is when I chipped my ankle playing indoor soccer, it hurt so bad that I pray I never actually break anything.

78) I played soccer from 2nd grade all the way to my junior year in high school, I really miss soccer, it is one of my true loves.

79) Personality-wise my son is just like me, I love this. I know he is destined for greatness, he amazes me.

80) When I was in girl scouts in 8th grade I convinced my whole troop to use our money to go to San Antonio and stay at a hotel instead of going camping, we had so much fun, I will never forget that trip.


100 Things About Me (41-60)

41) I very rarely shave my legs, my husband made the mistake of telling me he didn’t care and so seriously I shave maybe once a month. Being totally honest, its probably closer to being once every other month but because I shave less often my hair doesn’t grow fast at all. My legs are smooth for a week after I shave which kind of makes up for it.

42) I wish my hair was as shiny as Salma Hayek’s, it has been my mission these past few months to repair my hair and make it that shiny. I have spent at least $100 on stuff to make my hair shiny, its actually working but my hair still isn’t as shiny as hers, this bothers me.

43) My favorite way to treat myself is to get a pedicure but I hate spending the money on it. I wish someone would give me a pedicure for free, or I was rich, I’d get on every week then.

44) When I read people’s blogs and they write about really personal stuff I feel like I’m a stalker or something but I hope no one feels that way about mine.

45) I have a slight obsession with purses. I have 8 very expensive purses, mostly Coach, a Dooney, 2 Michael Kors, and a Ralph Lauren. I don’t think there is anything wrong with spending $400 or more on a purse. My limit is about $600 though.

46) I hate doing laundry so much that when I get my degree and finally get a job we will make sure to budget in a maid to do laundry.

47) When my husband went to Iraq last time I told him if he didn’t quit smoking within 1 month of stepping foot back on American soil I would divorce him, I totally meant this. Lucky for him he got cancer so he quit, I wasn’t bluffing, that is how much I hate smoking.

48) I do not want more kids, ever! I do not get warm fuzzy feelings when I hold a baby that makes me want another one. I was terrified that I would want more so my husband got a vasectomy, thank God, I don’t.

49) I am always barefoot at home, unless I am about to leave. I wait till the last possible second to put on shoes, this bugs the shit out of my husband. He always wears shoes, it freaks him out not to, he’s a weirdo!

50) I love having a laptop just so when I am chatting with J I can tell her I’m in the bathroom, I’m not lying when I tell her that either (think about that one).

51) I’m really pissed that I can’t say I had Sophia naturally because technically I did get an epidural but it didn’t work, you have no idea how mad that makes me.

52) I love all animals except guinea pigs, I think they are fucking disgusting, they smell like shit and it makes me want to puke.

53) I have never had sex with someone I went to school with, oh wait, never mind, I’ve had sex with one person I went to school with but he had a tiny penis so it doesn’t count.

54) I love Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, that movie cracks me up every time. I quote that movie way too much and people look at me like I am crazy because it really wasn’t all that popular. Bumblebee Tuna!

55) I have said this before on Shari’s comments but for those of you who didn’t see it, I HATE my breasts. I will be getting a breast lift and augmentation in the next few years, I’m really scared to do it but it will so be worth it. I can’t wait!

56) When I was 17 I worked at this deli and these cops came in all the time for dinner and we gave them huge discounts so they would keep coming back, because it made people feel safe or whatever to eat with cops, anyway, I got to know these guys and one night one of them asked me out. I asked him if he knew how old I was and when I told him he totally shit, I never saw him again…lol.

57) I take really fast showers, I hate being in the shower, I get no relaxation out of it whatsoever. I think it is a huge waste of time except that it is totally necessary.

58) When I was little I was standing behind my mom’s door and she opened it and the mirror on the door hit me in the teeth and knocked out my 4 front teeth. My mom called the dentist and he told her to shove them back in place immediately, so she did. When my adult teeth came in it took 2 years and only because they eventually gave me braces to pull the teeth down.

59) My OB/GYN that delivered both of my kids’ name was Elvis. This is completely hilarious, also, he is gorgeous, this was very uncomfortable at first.

60) I love my ankles, they are the only skinny part on my body and I think that’s why I love them so much. I like my feet too, I guess they are skinny also but I really like my ankles, I’m strange.

100 Things About Me (21-40)

Shall we continue with volume 2? I think so.

21. I would shave my head for a lot less money than most people would. I think when people freak that their hair was cut too short, it’s stupid. It’s hair, it grows back! That is probably why I could dye my hair just about any color and have done so in the past. I would love to have my hair pink again but it doesn’t fit well with my view of a mother.

22. I have huge feet, I wear a size 11 and people make fun of my ginormous feet often. It kind of bothers me that my feet are so large but because I am 5’10” people swear it doesn’t look strange. I love shoes but I hate shopping for them because it is so hard to find my size.

23. I like wearing makeup everyday but since I had Sophia its been hard to get up and do my makeup so I got my makeup tattooed. When I first talked about doing this I got a lot of shit from people but its the best thing I’ve ever done. Right now, I have my eyebrows and eyeliner done but I still want to get my lips done this summer (I’m scared to get my lips done).

24. I worry about getting old, I stare in the mirror every night and inspect my lines. I will probably have a laser peel before I turn 30 and I’ll probably do it at the same time I get my boobs done. I am very vain.

25. When I am alone I can be irrational. The last time I was alone all night in my house (this was over 2 years ago) I thought about what I would do to save myself and Nicholas if a giant snake was in the house. Mind you, the snake would have to have opposable thumbs to open a door or window to get in.

26. I am not friends with anyone (besides family) that I knew before I was married. Sometimes I feel like I sold out by getting married and ditching my friends but they were not going in the same direction with their lives’ that I was (ie. they were doing drugs).

27. Part of me will always wonder where I would be if I had stayed in college and never gotten married.

28. I associate different times in my life with scents. For example, when I smell my rice flower and Shea lotion I will always remember the weekend trip to Austin that my husband and I took before he left for Iraq. I’ve worn the lotion many other times but that was the first time.

29. I didn’t know what T-bagging was until about a year ago, same goes for mushroom stamping…lol.

30. I tried to be a vegetarian once in my life, it was after my brothers skinned a squirrel and hung its entrails outside of my window then knocked on it to make me look. Don’t you just love brothers.

31. I was shot in the face with a dart when I was 10, my brother did it. His defense was that he was trying to shoot my tires (I was riding my bike at the time), he was grounded for a month.

32. I can’t wait till my kids get older, I am the only mom I know that doesn’t wish they would stay young forever.

33. If I could have one superpower it would be to fly. I have always wanted to fly and have seriously considered joining the aviation program at my college.

34. I really do think I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I learn very quickly and I don’t give up, I just don’t know what to do.

35. When I feel like shit about myself there is one person I know that will make me feel better and I feel bad because I know I am using him. He always tells me that I am sexy, even though he hasn’t seen me in years.

36. When I was in college I did an interview to be a phone sex operator, I had the job but my boyfriend at the time said no way, then he went to a strip club, he was an idiot. I got the idea to do the interview because I answered by brothers phone once and was playing around when his friend called, he said it freaked him out because he got turned on (this was a different friend, not the one I kissed).

37. I ditched my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party to go to Mardi Gras, that was when things first started to go south with us. I’m really glad I went to Mardi Gras though because I had a blast and I know I’ll never go again.

38. I slept with one of my brother’s groomsmen at his wedding, it was fun.

39. The first night I met Luis, he scared the shit out of me, and for some reason I found that incredibly sexy.

40. Sometimes I wish I could go to Italy or Spain or France and have sex with some random hot guy and never tell anyone, it would be my secret (I think I need to get laid…lol).

100 things about me (1-20)

I decided to do the 100 things about me like I’d read over at Imaginary Binky and I also followed her lead by breaking it down into groups of 20. I’m probably not going to post them all in a row either so here it goes, volume 1:

1. My entire life, up until recently, I always went by Allison and got really mad when people called me Allie. I’m not really sure why this bothered me but now a lot of people call me Allie and I kind of prefer it.

2. Before I met my husband I was a commitment phobe, my longest relationship was 6 months and I had to really work to make it last that long.

3. I think I am better than people, not all people but most of the people that live here. This is mostly due to the fact that I have an education and I continue to educate myself, this is very important to me, I guess this makes me a bitch.

4. When I was 3 years old I fell into a campfire but I have no scars. I fell in because I was going to get a cinnamon roll from my aunt and tripped, I don’t really like cinnamon rolls anymore.

5. I don’t like smiling real big in pictures because it makes my nose look huge, I have been sensitive about the size of my nose since I was pregnant with Nicholas.

7. When I was little I used to sleep with every single stuffed animal I had because I didn’t want to hurt any of their feelings. When I woke up, if one of them had fallen during the night I made sure to put that one closest to me the next night.

8. I didn’t kiss a guy till I was 14 years old and when I finally did, it was my brother’s best friend and I was drunk. I still have a thing for him.

9. I am catholic, I was born and raised catholic, I went to catholic school and had the fear of God put in me….then I went to public high school, it ruined me.

10. All my aunts and uncles and my parents stressed “no sex before marriage.” Sixteen out of eighteen of them had sex before they were married and half of them got married because they were knocked up. I’m a little distrustful of catholics now and yet, I still consider myself catholic.

11. I lost my virginity at 16, on the hood of my car, parked in my driveway. Deep down I wanted to be caught…I wasn’t.

12. When something really horrible happens I forget about it. I have no memories of my grandparents, they died when I was 5. When my grandmother died her sister took over as my grandma, she died when I was 12, I remember things we did but I don’t remember her, I’m fucked up like that.

13. I’ve done something, something I am not willing to share on here, that I will probably go to Hell for.

14. If I ever end up single again I will probably treat men like shit and never re-marry.

15. I am very impulsive and say things I regret quite often. Once I made fun of trailer parks to someone that lived in one (I didn’t know this before I said it), I guess this also makes me a bitch.

16. I’m fat, I came to terms with it a long time ago but I still hope that someday I can have the willpower to be thin, I have no idea if I will be able to do this.

17. I’m not really sure why my husband loves me, I can’t really see why he would, I really am a bitch….and fat.

18. I’m scared of dying more than anything in the world, this is probably because I know I am going to Hell. I would die for my children but that’s it, no one else is worth that for me.

19. Sometimes I have this overwhelming urge to run away, my kids keep me from doing it.

20. I’m funny by nature, I was born with a good sense of humor but sometimes I use it to cover up how I really feel, I didn’t feel like covering it up today.

Sorry that wasn’t very funny, I’ll try to feel better tomorrow. I’m going to try and be really honest with these 100 things, not just to you but to myself as well.

My Top 15 Guys I’d Like to Bone!!!!

So, J did a top 10 guys post and I decided to follow her lead and do a top 15 (because I always try to one up her…lol). So here are my guys in no particular order (and by the way, I agree with all but one of J’s guys so I’m not including any of them on here). I chose to use the terminology “bone” because men use it all the time and get away with it and that is exactly what I’d like to do with these guys, so let’s get on with it.

1. Eric Dane because he is sooooo McSteamy that I want to lick him….everywhere! Look at that, don’t you want to lick it? If you don’t, you’re crazy.
2. Milo Ventimiglia because I loved him when he was on Gilmore Girls and he just keeps getting hotter. Now that he’s on Heroes he gets a lot more press which is awesome because we get to see him a lot more now. I also really hope he isn’t dating Hayden Panettiere, I can’t stand her and he’d lose a few cool points in my book.

3. Hayden Christensen, I loved him the first time I saw him in Life As a House, even though he was a little weird in it. When he was Anakin, evil never looked so good. I can’t wait to see his new movie Jumper, he is getting sexier everyday. I chose this picture of him because well, I like him on his knees.

4. Jerry O’Connell is so hot that he married the hottest woman alive and because they are both so darn gorgeous I am using a picture of them both but for the record, I’d only like to bone Jerry but I guess Rebecca can watch.
5. Ed Westwick is sexy and when he talks he is like 100 times more sexy, he is sexy in much the same way as number 8. I wish I could have found a bigger picture of him but I liked that one so much that it didn’t matter that it was so tiny, he look so intense and you know what that means, I want to bone him!

6. Dominic Purcell, I wanted to bone him the second I saw him as Dracula in Blade Trinity (I know, evil turns me on). For me sexy is all about a strong jawline and Dominic has one of the sexiest jawlines there is, I just want to nibble it.

7.Jeffrey Dean Morgan because I am still sad that Izzy didn’t get to bone him, poor Izzy! Somehow he made sick sexy, I’m not really sure how you do that.
8. Joaquin Phoenix, he is sexy in a dark and mysterious way, he just exudes sexiness, I’d bone him! I fell in love with him in Signs and he nailed it as Johnny Cash, the fact that he sang his own songs makes him even more hot, I bought the CD and I like his versions better than Johnny’s.

9. Rob Thomas, I think musicians are sexy, something about the way they hold a mic. I’d let him touch me like that any day. Those big, blue eyes are so gorgeous, he seems like such an emotional guy which can be pretty sexy.
10. Leo DiCaprio, I hated him during the Titanic era but lately he has been looking hella-good. Age is treating him well, before he always looked like such a kid but now he looks like a man, and I like men!

11. Luke Wilson, because nothing is sexier than a sense of humor, oh and being really hot! Owen is sexy too but not in the same way, Luke is sexy inside and out. Look at that smirk, makes you wonder what he’s thinking (he’s probably thinking about me).
12. Shia LeBeouf, I feel kind of wrong putting him on here since I am older than him but he is still hot in Transformers. I never like younger guys but Shia seems like a really cool guy, I’m not so hot about his look in the new Indiana Jones movie though, he looks a little like Hitler.

13. Vince Vaughn, Swingers era, he’s gotten a little chubby lately but I don’t care, he’s tall and when you’re 5’10” like me, tall is a reason to want to bone him. Oh yeah, and he’s freakin‘ funny as hell.
14. Eric Mabius, he’s really adorable on Ugly Betty and in this picture he looks even sexier, so yeah, I’d bone him. He reminds me of this guy I went to school with, only you know, he’s much hotter.
15. Finally the last guy I’d like to bone is Adam Levine from Maroon 5 because once again he is a musician and when I hear Kiwi from their latest album, I get a little turned on, like seriously every time. Everything about this guy is sexy, his music videos? SEXY!!!!
So, that is my list, maybe you knew these guys were hot already, maybe I gave you some ideas, maybe you think I’m out of my fucking mind but the point isn’t that you would like to bone them, this is my blog, I want to.