I love my kitty (get your minds out of the gutter).

My cat has been puking lately, we think its because she thinks she is a dog and continues to climb in the sink at night and eat scraps from our plates. Yesterday she started making the puking noises, you know the kind where for about 2.4 seconds you are thinking, what the hell is that noise, then you are like, oh fuck! I know what that is. She can’t puke all in one place either, she pukes then walks a little, pukes some more, walks a little further, pukes some more and continues all the way around goddamn dining room till you can’t walk without stepping in land mines. Of course, once the dogs hear what’s going on you have to shoo them away because they think that Diamond has just made them a wonderful snack on my dining room floor, gross! Everytime I yell at the dogs to go away it just makes Diamond venture further while puking. Its days like these that I have to remind myself that I am an animal lover and it would be weird to have a white fur wallet.


Worth a thousand….laughs

This is what walked in on me today while I was checking my email. I quickly grabbed the camera (please ignore the cat box on the right) These are some more of Sophia with Diamond, yes, that is the same cat that the vet told me tried to attack them.

This last one is “the vicious killer” trying to distract me from my school work. This is her favorite thing to do lately when I am on the computer, also she sniffs my keyboard, very strange cat (I mean killer).

While my guitar gently weeps

Its a sad day, I knew it would come eventually, especially now that school is back on for me. I’ve finally missed a blog, I should have blogged yesterday but I forgot. I woke up at 12:05am and was like, “Oh shit!” but it was too late already. I couldn’t fix it, I couldn’t make things right. I’ll blog twice today in an attempt to make up for it but I know that I can’t go back (okay, technically I can back date it but that would be lying, which I have nothing against but I’m going to try for honesty).
I just got back from the vet with Susie and it was so funny, not for the vet mind you, she acts like a vicious killer and really she’s just a big, soft, fluffy bunny. She growled at the vet as soon as he walked in the door and then she warmed up to him a little but once she realized he was going to give her shots she quickly changed her mind about him. They wouldn’t let me restrain her which I think it soooo stupid, I mean I know why they won’t let you but its just stupid with Susie. She won’t bite me, I know this and besides she was being so unruly because she wanted to be near me. So they asked to take her in the back and see if she was better when I wasn’t around but when he came back after much banging around, he said nope, she wasn’t any better. She did get her shots but no examination due to her behavior. I like this new vet I’m seeing though because he understood her bahvior after I explained to him about her surgeries when she was a puppy. I went to a vet in Houston once that yelled at me that I had the worst dog he’d ever seen, I told him that he was the worst vet I’d ever been to and I would never come back and tell everyone I knew about how horrible he was. He was a complete ass, so yeah I like my new vet, he’s not very personable or anything but he doesn’t insult me, especially since Susie is one of the most well-behaved dogs when she isn’t at the vet.

I’m changing my name

Well, I’m seriously considering it. So I want to know what you think. I’m just changing my middle name so I will be known as Allie Urine Cleaner. I figure this is part of me and so I should have it be part of my name. While cleaning up urine today…from the dog, I realized that is why I hate laundry so much. Because like half of the laundry I do is soaked in urine. I have a boy and for some reason he can’t aim his little boy parts and always gets it on the rug…ughhhh! Lately he’s been wetting his bed when he’s really tired and so I literally washed sheets like everyday last week..in the middle of the night. Do you know what that does to your sleep quality, waking up and doing laundry and redressing his bed, he’s on the top bunk too? Try falling back asleep after that. Apparently my dog thinks I don’t clean enough urine from Nicholas alone so she wet MY bed while I was taking a nap today. She was sleeping too but wtf? I had to strip my bed and thank God I have a mattress pad or that would be icky. So here I am washing sheets again and a down comforter (thankfully I ignored the dry clean only label on that one a long time ago) and about to make a vet appointment for my bed-wetting dog. Life is grand.
Signing out, Allie Urine Cleaner

Are you ready to RUMBLE?

Okay, so I’m back from picking up Diamond and she is doing great. Apparently the seizure was a result of a bad reaction to the anesthetic, she is doing great now. She came home and ate and drank and peed, in the litter box. The dogs went crazy sniffing her and she seems really glad to be home. The dogs were so excited to have her home that they went outside and had a little wrestling match.

So, here are some pictures of them “fighting” which is really funny because people tell me all the time, “You’re dogs are trying to kill each other.” Which is so not true because they love playing clash of the titans in the backyard, or the living room, or the kitchen while I’m trying to flippin’ cook dinner! So, a little explanation of these pictures: first one, Dollar is looking at Susie who obviously found something great to sniff at the fence. The second, Dollar joined Susie to sniff at the fence and they look like mirror images of each other. The third, fourth and fifth pictures are of said “fighting.” The sixth and final pic is when out of no where they were just like, “okay, we’re done.” and they walked away very calmly. I love these dogs.

It’ll be alright.

My husband tells me that all the time, “It’ll be alright, honey.” After talking to the vet this evening I feel like it just might be alright. Diamond hasn’t had any more seizures so we’ll see how she does tonight and hopefully she’ll be coming home tomorrow and be a little more like the kitty we know and love.
So, being on the subject of pets and seeing as how I am online and posting already I will tell you about my cute little baby Dollar and how she became part of our family. It is also a great distraction for me to talk about her right now. So I’ll start at the beginning. I used to have a pit bull mix named Mishka, she was my baby, her full name was Malushka (that’s how we spelled it but it really looks much different in Russian letters) which means Baby in Russian. We shortened it to Mishka because it was easier to say but Mishka means bear in Russian so it was a completely different word altogether, anyway…details. I rescued her when I was 18 and she went away to college with me, she was my everything. When I got married she acted a little different but still was a very loving dog, when I had Nicholas she was even a little more different but still a very sweet dog, when we got Susie she changed again and started to get older and grumpier, when we got a cat she pretty much ignored everyone but me and sometimes Luis, when we had Sophia she seemed fine but after only a few months she bit Luis. Luis told me we had to put her down right away and after 6 years with me this broke my heart. I tried to hold off on it, let the whole thing blow over but the very next day she tried to bite me and so I knew what I had to do. I took her to get put down, alone, just me and my Mishka and cried my eyes out, I took her collar and left. I felt like a shit head for not staying with her when they injected her but I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t want to remember her that way. When I got home I took all the pictures of her down and it took about a year for me to finally make her a scrapbook page, I felt like a part of me was missing. I swore to everyone that I would never get another dog, that I never wanted to have to go through this again but Luis knew better. After 2 weeks of grieving I noticed that I wasn’t the only one missing Mishka, Susie needed a companion. So I started looking at labs again because I knew I didn’t want another pit bull, I needed a family dog. When we started looking at breeders we ran across a “controversial” article about silver labs and it caught my attention. I had never heard of a silver lab and when I saw the picture I knew I was in love. I always loved weimaraners but they didn’t have the temperament that I wanted in a dog and basically a silver lab is a lab that is the color of a weimaraner. I was sold, except for one thing, they were like $1200 and I had 2 kids and my husband is in the Army so as you can imagine we don’t make much money. I couldn’t justify spending that much money on a dog especially with J rooting for me to rescue one, it was just too much. So I found a website that had different breeders all over the U.S. and I found a breeder that had 1 female left, she was a little older (16 weeks) but only $400, except she was in Nebraska. I called about her and by total coincidence the breeder was going to be coming to Texas the next month, I was sold. She sent me pictures of her and her mom and dad and I was in love. After a week though I got antsy so when my mom was in town we were bored and needed something to do so we decided to pack the kids up and drive to Nebraska. Neither of us had ever been that far north (I know this is sad but now I’ve been to Indiana) so we thought it would be fun. We drove straight through to Nebraska and picked her up in the middle of corn fields and grain silos. When I first got there I actually was a little disappointed because I didn’t think she was as pretty as she was in the pictures. My mom was so worried because she saw my face when I saw her and thought, oh no we drove all this way and she doesn’t like her. But luckily I thought I’d take her anyway because she was still cute, she just smelled like a farm and would probably be a lot cuter when she no longer stank also, she was really sweet and had these amazing eyes. So we loaded her up in the car and headed to the hotel where we were staying. Apparently they fed her like feed store food and it gave her the runs so it was absolutely horrible the next morning when she had diarrhea on the shag carpet, luckily it was brown. We were going to stay in Nebraska for a bit and see what was there but the next morning it started to snow so we got the fuck out of there. We’re from Houston so we know nothing about driving in snow! When we got her home she fit in perfect with our family and she was so affectionate. That is still one of my favorite parts about her, she loves me and I swear she hugs me sometimes to show it.
As far as the controversy goes, some people say that there is no such thing as a silver lab, others say that they are just a mix between a lab and a weimaraner and others say that they are a sign of an impure bloodline and cannot be called full-blooded labs. People that aren’t dog breed Nazis say that they are just chocolate labs that have a certain recessive gene and now that people are interested in them they are starting to breed more for that coloring. Personally, I don’t care, I know that she has AKC papers where she is listed as a chocolate lab and she is beautiful. I believe that there is such thing as a silver lab but if you don’t I don’t really give a shit and I’m not going to argue about it. You would be surprised at how many people have tried to argue with me about what my dog is, but one thing is certain, she is unique.

Bad news!

Apparently I was right to be so worried about Diamond, at about 12pm she had a seizure in my bedroom. After yelling at my husband to do something (I don’t know what he could have done but he’s the combat lifesaver so he keeps me calm during medical emergencies) I called the vet immediately and they told me to bring her in. They didn’t seem all that worried about it, which kind of pissed me off but then J brought up a good point, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal and she’ll be fine and they know it is a side effect of the anesthetic. I don’t know but it helps me cope to think that. So, I brought her in and when we got there she was the most coherent she had been since picking her up yesterday. So, they are going to keep her overnight for observation and hopefully she’ll be better tomorrow. They seem to think that she is just having a bad reaction to the anesthetic, we’ll see. I’m calling back at 4pm to check on her. I’ll probably post again tonight and let you know what’s going on.