Houston, we have a moonwalk!

I picked up the 500 pound moonwalk this morning, I’m not so sure how we’re going to get it back in the morning but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Here are a few pics of the kids playing on it and of course, a pic of me, the Birthday Princess!

Birthday Princess, see my crown?My Birthday CakeJ trying to get us with her tongue (not the first time).


T Ball

Today was Nicholas’ first T ball practice so I brought my camera to take pics, of course when we got there Sophia was being a total pill and I had to walk her over to the playground so she would stop annoying me. Because I was all the way over at the playground it was hard to get any good pics of him but these are what I got. Enjoy!

Not So Wordless Wednesday…because I’m lazy!

This is what happens when you give me too much sugar and a camera. No Cabbage Patch dolls were harmed in the making of these pictures, okay maybe just one. J took these, can you believe my best friend let me take these ridiculous pictures? I think they are hilarious and whenever I need a good laugh I look at them, now you can too!

What? I was hungry.

Is that sexy?

How about that?

This is Sparta!!!

Wanna lick my light saber? Come on, you know you want to!

Don’t do it!

Allie has left the building!

I’m guest blogging and I suck so much that I am doing an ‘Almost Wordless Friday’ post. Tonight I posted an old picture of Princess that I love, so I thought I would do the same for Nicholas. This is one of my favorite pics of him, ever! (I will be witty tomorrow, I swear)

The Evolution of the Funny Face

Yesterday we got Nicholas’ spring school pictures back. I cracked up laughing, he was making a “funny face.” The “funny face” is what we called it so many years ago when he started raising his eyebrows and smiling so painfully it couldn’t be natural. It looked like this.

Mere thought it was hilarious, so much so that every time she saw him she would ask for the “funny face,” everyone wanted to see the funny face. We would take pictures and instead of asking him to say “cheese!” we would say “make the funny face.” Over the years the painful smile faded to an almost believable smile but the eyebrows stayed raised.

When the photographer clicked this school picture he made sure the “funny face” would not be forgotten, it would go down in history. This is the picture that will be in his scrapbook as his first year of school, this is the picture I will show his wife someday, the picture from the year he became a big boy. This picture will never be forgotten and who would want to forget something that freakin’ adorable?

I am so proud.

My cousin has been modeling lately, it started about a year ago and lately it has started taking off. His sister, Mere, sent me the link to his agency and I got to look at some of his pics today so I thought I would post some eye candy for you gals. He’s my cousin so I’m not posting any pics that are disgusting to me (like him in a shower) but you can all see what a cutie pants he is.

The first one above is my favorite because it really looks like him to me, you know he isn’t normally shirtless and staring off in the distance. He’s pretty much always smiling when I see him or chasing Nicholas and Sophia around. I’m just so happy for him, he’s such a great guy and I hope he gets everything he wants in life. I’m also happy because he gives me an excuse now to sing “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred everytime I see him.
Keep your fingers crossed for him, he might be getting a cover, I’ll post it if he gets it.

Wordless Wednsday, because there are no words to describe us.