The post you have all been waiting for.

Here are the pictures of the bed, its done and in her room. Today we moved the stuff out of her room that belonged in Nicholas’ room, I’m probably going to move things around again but today was just about figuring out what belongs in what room. So, these pictures aren’t beautiful, I haven’t even re-hung the pictures on the walls, but it’ll give you an idea (plus, I don’t want to put too much into this if Luis gets orders next week and we have to move).

The first pic is the bed when we got it off Freecycle, it was PINK! It wasn’t that bad of a color, it just would have been hard to match, plus it was peeling really bad because the people that painted it didn’t prime it or sand it before painting. The second picture is after we sanded it, primed it, painted it, put it together and put her new bedding on it (note: we put the headboard and foot board on backwards so we need to re-do it, but you get the idea).

These next pictures are what we did today, her room is tiny so we put her kitchen in her closet (I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I finally do laundry and her clothes are all in her closet, that’s only about 1/3 of them). FYI: the picture above the changing table is a finger painting Nicholas, Sophia and Princess did, not somewhere the kids smear poop on the walls.

Lastly, this is Nicholas’ room. His room really looks like shit but we’ve done what we can with it. His bed is ginormous so we have no room for anything. Once again, you get a picture of a barren closet because well, I need to do laundry. The last picture is the entertainment center I got on Craigslist, I wanted to paint it but I’m pretty much done with painting for the next few months so maybe I’ll do it this summer. Judging by these pictures, I really need to vacuum…lol.


The bed is DONE!!!!!

So, I convinced Luis to let me go get more paint after we picked Nicholas up from school today and when we got home I snuck outside and finished it. It has to dry 24 hours then we can put it together and then its picture time. I’m going to have to try really hard to convince Luis to let me put it together tomorrow though because we basically have to move a lot of furniture to get the rooms seperated (right now the other room is a play room so we have to divide the toys between the kids and move the t.v. into Nicholas’ room). I’m still feeling crappy and I lose my breath quite easily so I might take his advice on the furniture moving, we’ll see.

I am finally done…sanding.

After stripping this bed down to the bare wood I have learned a thing or two about the previous owners of it and the previous, previous owners.
The previous owner was a little girl named Emily, I know this because she stuck Emily stickers all over the bed, she also really liked tape. Emily like to pick the paint off the bed and although this may have been annoying to her mother it actually made my job a little easier when sanding.
Now what I learned about the previous, previous owner was that she loved Kyle F. and wrote it all over the under side of her bed. I learned something else too that scared me a little, while I was sanding the side of the bed this morning petagrams started appearing, my first thought was that the devil was trying to communicate with me but then I gathered my wits and realized if my husband was trying to communicate with me he would just call my cell phone and he did, about 2 seconds after I thought that…weird! So, I’m guessing this previous, previous owner liked stars, drew them on her bed and drew circles around them because well, she’s a kid.
This afternoon we start priming, yay!

I have a problem coming up with blog titles.

I sanded that damn bed for 3 hours today and I’m still not done yet. I’m really close to being done but then I remember sanding is only the first step. I still have to clean off the sawdust, prime it and then paint it and all three have drying steps in between. I swear to Bob that I am never going to get this thing done. It doesn’t help that Luis is sick, he always manages to get sick at the most inopportune times.
J and I worked on our astronomy today but we’re not even close to being done for this lesson and I really don’t want to deal with it this weekend, hopefully we’ll be able to finish it up tomorrow or Friday at the latest. I really need this weekend to get the kid’s rooms together because, by God, I will be done with that bed this weekend (I hope). Well, I’m going to get some sleep here because I am tired and I suck!

I’m a little surprised

No comments on the Matt Damon post? Come on people, that was funny shit. I got it from Mrs. Mogul, she posted it on her blog yesterday and even though J already posted for me I had to show it to you guys. I guess no one thought it was as funny as I did, except J, she laughed her ass off and already told me.
I’m ready to finish Sophia’s bed so I can get her into her own room, I’m sick of her waking up at night and waking Nicholas up too. I got an entertainment center for Nicholas’ room on craig’s list today but I can’t put it in his room until Sophia’s stuff is out. My car port is starting to look really trashy with all this furniture waiting to go in the house and all the sawdust from the bed. When I get home from taking Nicholas to school in the morning I’m going to work on the bed a bit, my neighbors already think I’m a bitch so who cares if I’m sanding at 7:30 am? It absolutely has to be done by Sunday, painted and dry and ready to go inside Monday morning. Well, I’m super tired tonight so I need to get some sleep, I have a busy day tomorrow.
Oh yeah, PS Sophia went to the doctor today and we found out that she has MRSA, wouldn’t it have been nice if they had called me back in May when they got the results from the lab? They told me if you don’t hear from us then its probably nothing. Don’t you just love it?