One of those days.

So today started off okay, its Friday which means my son eats lunch at school which allows me to hit the snooze button twice instead of just once. I was still tired but I always am at 6am, I dragged the kids out of bed and surprisingly they didn’t complain. Sophia has a nasty habit of screaming in the morning and hitting her brother when he gets near her, this morning though she was all smiles. I took Nicholas to school and dropped him off at the front of the school, which he hates, but got no complaints, all signs were pointing to good day. I went home, did some dishes and laundry, and grabbed a quick nap before J came over to work on homework (I know we wanted it done before today but we are lazy). We finished our lab just in the knick of time so we could pick up the kids on time. Now is usually the part where I say that we’re doing something or another tonight but we’re not, my husband is still not feeling good and well, seems to think everyone wants to lay around on their asses when he isn’t feeling good. I’ve been really cranky lately because of aunt flo and now I’m finally feeling a little more sane and he gets all crabby. I wanted to get out of the house tonight and the kids are wanting to play but we’re stuck here doing nothing. I can’t even paint the bed because my effing finger is killing me from the spray paint yesterday when I primed it. You can pretty much expect me bitching on here later about how freaking bored I am because lord knows I am not sitting aroung doing laundry tonight, even though I know it needs to be done. I hope everyone else is having more fun this Friday than me.


Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Its Friday, I know, but J and I are not having ladies night tonight, instead J and D are going on a date. Luis and I are watching Princess for them while they have a good time, this is something we have been asking them to do for a long time but they never seem to do it so I’m really happy that for once I get to watch their kid. J always helps me out with the kids or the dogs, when Luis was having surgery she watched my dogs for 2 weeks straight (maybe longer , I try to forget about that time in my life). If I have a doctor’s appointment she never hesitates to watch Sophia for me, heck she usually offers before I can even ask. So you see, she really deserves this and I’m just happy I can do a fraction of what she does for me.

On to another subject (I’m jumpy tonight and have different things to talk about), Sophia and Nicholas haven’t been sleeping well so we decided to move them out of the same room (Sophia has been keeping Nicholas awake). Since this was kind of out of the blue for us, we haven’t exactly been planning on buying Sophia new furniture, so I went to Freecycle for help getting a bed quick. This really nice woman gave me a old wooden bed that was a bunkbed but they separated it and painted it pink. It’s super cute and because its older its actually very well made, solid wood and all. So tomorrow I’m going to sand it down (they never sanded it when they painted it so its peeling pretty bad) and probably repaint it white. I’ll post before and after pics for you guys because I think its going to turn out great. I’m so happy because we were going to use this as a temporary fix till we could get her a new bed but this one is probably going to last awhile.


I’ve been boycotting folding laundry lately because, if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know, I hate folding laundry. So I’ve just been washing clothes and putting them on the table but tonight my husband said he moved the laundry to our bed (gasp!) so we could eat at the table tonight AND so we couldn’t go to bed without folding it. DAMN IT! But I don’t wanna fold it! (pouting)
So I thought I would let you all see just how much I hate laundry, here is a picture of my mountain. And by the way, I have a queen size bed , so it could be worse…that could be a king size bed.

Why couldn’t I have just been lesbian?

The day started out good, despite 2 dentist appointments. I got up to take Nicholas to school and then came home and played Halo, I got my sergeant grade 2, I was happy. I went to my first dentist appointment, which was for cavities 😦 but it wasn’t so bad, I was happy. I got home and played Halo with Luis and J and got a phone call from Nicholas’ school, today they got out early, how did I not know this? but I went and got him and everything worked out, I was happy. I went to my second dentist appointment, this one was for my cleaning, I got there early and I got done early, I was happy. I got home and Luis wanted to go out to eat so we got the kids ready and left, I didn’t have to make dinner, I was happy. On our way there we started talking about the future and how stressed I am about what’s going on right now with him and the Army. Our talking turned into a misunderstanding and our misunderstanding turned into an argument. When we got to Olive Garden I said fine, I gave in but apparently by the time we made it up to the door he had decided he didn’t want to eat with us anymore so he walked out to the car and said for us to go. I, of course, said no, I would not go if he wasn’t going in with me and he said fine so we went home. So now, not only am I fighting with my husband I also had to cook, so I’m really pissed. I told you he was due to piss me off. So basically, my day started off happy, made it 3/4 of the way through and then turned to complete shit!

Trying to be eco-friendly and not kill my husband at the same time

I just got finished taking an environmental science class (which, come to find out doesn’t count as a science class at all for my degree plan but that is a whole other subject) and I’ve decided to try and be more “green” much to the dismay of my husband. Now, I’m not really a wasteful person to begin with, my biggest flaw is that I have a shopping problem. So last night I went to the commissary (for you civilians, that is a grocery store) and they started carrying reusable bags and they’re 70 cents each. So I told my husband I was going to buy 2 everytime I go to the store until I have like 10 or 12 and I’m going to start using those instead of wasting all that plastic. My husand…got mad at me! He told me that I am turning into a hippie and that he doesn’t want to be “green” and if I start to be “green” then he has to be and he doesn’t want to. He also told me that if I use the reusable bags then we will have nothing to pick up dog poop with. So I tried to explain to him that we can use plastic bags once in a while if we get low but to be honest we don’t pick up poop that often, we pretty much suck at keeping our backyard poop-free. He also told me if I want to be more eco-friendly then I should start walking everywhere and give up my SUV. Honestly, its not like I drive some huge Suburban, its an Explorer Sport. So by the end of the conversation he pretty much said its stupid to try and help the environment unless you stop driving, stop using all water, stop using all products with any kind of plastic (to include bread because it is wrapped in plastic) and pretty much I need to live in a tree. Apparently my view of every little bit helps is stupid because for him it is all or nothing.