I’m hardcore like that.

So, I officially have 3 tattoos now…and I’m a bleeder! I knew this from my first tattoo but I didn’t realize exactly how bad until I saw J’s abscence of blood on her gauze pad. Anywho, I love my new tattoos, they are perfect. I made a last minute decision to do my ladybug in hot pink and black rather than red and black and I’m really glad I did.

And now the unveiling of my super secret tattoo.

Its a compass with only the N and S, which stands for Nicholas and Sophia. The compass is appropriate because my kids give me direction in life and without them I would be lost, it is also apropriate because Nicholas and Sophia are total opposites. So there you have it, my secret is revealed.

They didn’t hurt too bad, my foot barely hurt at all (its really swollen in this picture) and the only time my back hurt was when he was going over my spine but J held my hand for it. What a nice friend. Enjoy the pics and of course feel free to comment, even if you are just telling me that they are stupid.

This is me trying to disguise that it hurts but I didn’t want the girl that was going next (getting a tramp stamp also) to think it hurt too bad, it was her first tattoo.

EDIT: Jenn asked for a pic of my first tattoo also so here it is, I probably need to get it touched up because it is really light right now, especially since I got it done in blue instead of black.


Ch- ch- changes!

I would like to state that this post has absolutely nothing to do with the text message you sent me, Mere.

Last night (before I got the message) I stopped by tattoo shop we are going to tomorrow and asked about the size of my tattoo and if it would work. Unfortunately, it is going to have to be bigger than what I wanted so I decided that I am not going to get it on my wrist. It would be too big to cover up and I was really wanting a more dainty and feminine looking tattoo not a monstrosity. After discussing my dilemma with my husband last night (I love the tattoo and I don’t want to change it but I can’t get it where I want it) I decided that I am going to get …a tramp stamp. I really want this tattoo and that is the only feasible place for me to get it and like my husband said, its for my kids so that makes it less slutty. I will probably get a wrist tattoo somewhere down the line because I really want it but I also want it to be small and inconspicuous so now is not the time. I’m still getting the ladybug too so you will have 2 tattoo pictures tomorrow, 3 counting J’s. I appreciate everyone’s supportive comments yesterday and I wish it would have worked out but since it didn’t I think I’m making the right decision.

Wow, that was awfully serious for a post about tattoos.

Stopping by for a quickie!

Okay, I couldn’t stay gone for longer than a day.
I finished The Great Gatsby and proposed my topic (Gatsby’s representation of the American dream) and I’m going to start my research soon. That is not why I stopped by though, I stopped by to let everyone know …. I’m getting a tattoo on Friday…or maybe two!
I’ll be sure to post pictures and since I’m taking time off from school work Friday to get inked with J and then go to a party, I will probably be holed up in a library this weekend or spending the last weekend I’ll have with my husband for the next few months (I can’t believe the 10th is almost here) at CEC with kids, you know, family time.
I’ll try and post pics Friday night or I’ll have J do it but now I have to go write another essay on a short story…again.

EDIT: Since Jenn really, really wants to know about my tattoo I will give a hint. It’s the size of a quarter, it will go on the inside of my left wrist (so I can cover it with a watch), it is round in shape and has to do with both Nicholas and Sophia but doesn’t say their names or anything like that, its more of a symbol. J actually gave me the idea and I loved it so much that I had to get it. The other tattoo that I might (probably) get is a ladybug (very small) on my right foot, I’ve always had a thing for ladybugs and I have wanted one tattooed on my foot for awhile now. I promised myself if I got another tattoo that I would get it done at the same time, so as long as it doesn’t add too much to the price tag, I’ll do it.

Master Debator

I’ve been debating for a few weeks now about getting another tattoo, I got my first one when I was 17, its a butterfly on my left shoulder blade. To this day I still love it, a friend of mine drew it for me, it doesn’t really have any meaning other than I wanted something girly and not butch. I chose my shoulder blade because it could easily be covered up if I wanted, the funny thing is now I am considering getting my new tattoo on my wrist. I really want it on my wrist but I don’t know if I can bring myself to actually do it, getting one on your wrist really puts it out there and I don’t know if I want to be judged like that. If I don’t get it on my wrist then I probably won’t get it, I don’t know of another place that I would want it. I’m not telling what it is exactly because if I get it I want it to be a surprise, no one but J, my husband and Mere know what it is.
So everyone, what are your thoughts on a wrist tattoo? It will be about the size of a quarter so it can be covered with a watch or bracelet. I seriously need some input here, you can ask questions too, I’ll respond in the comments.