Boring Sundays

Tomorrow school starts for me, again, my time off between classes was too short. I can’t wait to be done with school and the sad thing is that after this summer I’m still only half way there. This quarter I’m taking English 1302 (ughhhhh) and Western Civilization (J is taking this one with me so it shouldn’t be bad at all), so I will soon be back into bitching about school mode. Sorry, I know you guys don’t like hearing it so I will try to keep it to a minimum but God, I hate English. I’m not really sure how I passed English 1301, of course I have a couple of classes like that.

So today I am taking the opportunity to clean the house and go through stuff with Luis before he leaves. The house is filthy, the dishes need to be done, laundry needs to be folded, the upstairs needs vacuuming and I need to pick up poop in the backyard (don’t you just love dogs).

Basically, there is nothing interesting going on here and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon so I’m starting a new thing, Boring Sundays.


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What do babies do when they love me? Apparently they shit all over themselves and I mean ALL OVER!
I thought I smelled poopie so I went to get him out of his jumperoo thingy-mer-bobber and change him on my table because at least if he peed on me it would be easy to clean up. Thank God I thought about easy to clean up because when I went to take off his overalls he had shit on them. I quickly took him to the sink (thank God again that I did my dishes this morning so the sink was empty) to wash him off. When I took off his shirt I was unaware that there was also poo on it and it got in his hair. I quickly yelled for Sophia to go upstairs and find the purple soap, if I’ve ever said anything about her not being so bright I take it back, she saved my life. She quickly came downstairs with baby soap and I was able to clean the poo baby and find clean clothes for him and now we are outside on the swing chillin’ , waiting for J to get here.
There she is so I’m going to go. I’ll blog more about my adventures in babysitting later.

So strange…

There is a baby laying next to me making sucking noises while he sleeps. I know Sophia is only 2 and it wasn’t that long ago that I had a baby of my own but this is freakin’ weird. It feels so foreign to me and I have to say that I am glad about that.
When I walked in this morning toting a somewhat cute baby boy I told my husband that he really isn’t that bad. He was making cooing noises and smiling at me and he hardly fusses at all. My husband’s response was, “I’m so glad I’m fixed!”
Seriously though, when I say he isn’t that bad that doesn’t mean I want one, which I immediately made clear to my husband. Sophia isn’t even awake yet, I don’t want to think about how rough it is having a baby around and Sophia. J is coming over later to help just in case Sophia tries to rip his face off, she’s hardcore like that.
He’s not bad when he’s sleeping, maybe he’ll sleep all day, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Why am I such a fucking nice person?

Today I got a phone call from the mother of one of Nicholas’ classmates, the extent of our hanging out has been at McDonald’s after school letting the kids play together. She called to let me know that they found a house to rent (they had been looking for awhile and she constantly was asking me about neighborhoods), I told her that was great and asked when they were moving. At this point the conversation started going downhill, she said, “About that, I was going to ask if you could watch the baby for me while we are moving.” I again asked, “When?” thinking I could come up with something, but when she said “Tomorrow.” my mind when blank. She seriously asked me with no notice to watch her son while she moves. Not being able to come up with anything I said yes but only while Nicholas is in school. So tomorrow I am watching a baby (for those of you that don’t know, I HATE babies, I know I’m the devil) from 7:30 am till 3:00 pm, I think I might fake my own death tonight. Sometimes I wish I was as big of a bitch as people think I am.

A short one for tonight.

I’m keeping this short because I have to finish studying (midterm tomorrow, ughhhh). I haven’t written any personal stories in awhile because I’ve been doing the gazillion things about me list, just 20 left to go and I am so running out of things to write. I thought I would give you a very brief and vague explanation for my mood lately because I feel like I am lying to you by not telling you what’s going on.
So, basically I’ve been feeling unhappy with where I am in life right now. I am very close to getting my associates degree but still so far from my bachelor’s and I really want to start working again so I can be less financially dependant on my husband. I’m getting tired of a lot of things right now in my marriage and it seems like I am getting back to where I was a year ago and that is not good. I’m trying to work through my feelings without having to seek a counselor again but only time will tell. Sorry to be so cryptic here but Luis can read my blog whenever he wants and he does not want personal stuff about him on here and much of my mood has to do with him. I hope you understand and I hope I can start to entertain you again soon rather than drag you down with me.